It is extremely rare for sprinkler heads to spontaneously burst. In most cases of unintentional sprinkler activation, human error is the cause. Did you know that a single sprinkler head can release more than 20 gallons of water per minute, enough to fill a hot tub in ten minutes? In just a short time, this much water can cause major damage to your unit, as well as units beside or below you. Follow these tips when it comes to the sprinkler heads in your unit:

  • Do not hang anything from your sprinkler line or heads. This includes electrical cords, cables, candle holders, clothing, and hangers.
  • Keep an 18-inch clearance between the sprinkler head and items underneath to allow proper disbursement of water.
  • If you accidentally activate a sprinkler, do not turn off the water supply. Doing so exposes the building to:
    • Destruction and loss of property and life in the case of an actual fire.
    • Denied insurance coverage in case of fire.
  • Make sure you have insurance to cover damages to your personal unit and property.

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Article by FS Insurance Brokers | Monday December 14, 2015