Did You Know? Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms can help save lives. When a fire occurs, smoke spreads quickly, silently, and without warning. Did you know that 60% of fire-related deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms or in homes with smoke alarms that don’t properly function? Properly installing and regularly testing approved smoke alarms can prevent these deaths, typically caused by the inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes.
Smoke alarms are important to have installed and working in your home. If a fire starts, it can spread fast and silently without warning, until you hear the sound of your alarm go off. 60% of fire-related deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms or in homes with malfunctioning smoke alarms. 
Here are some quick and important tips about smoke alarms:  

  • Ionization type smoke alarms are the quickest to alert fast flaming fires caused by highly combustible materials (think grease fires, flammable liquids, and cleaning solutions).

  • Photoelectric type smokes alarms are used for slower fires or smoke that creeps up in the air, typically in the kitchen. The best places for these are the living room, bedrooms, and near kitchens. 

  • It is ideal to have both of these smoke alarms installed at each level of your home. 

  • You should clean and check your fire alarm is working twice a year and change batteries as needed throughout the year. Daylight savings time is a good reminder to do so.

  • Strobe lights and pillow shaking accessories are available for individuals with hearing impairments

  • Ensure your family knows what each alarm sounds like and what to do in case of an emergency.

  • Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years (Strata will complete annual testing of all smoke alarms)

Don’t forget your carbon monoxide detector as well!

Article by FS Insurance Brokers | Wednesday July 01, 2020