YouTube Videos: Annual Maintenance Planning for Strata Corporations

Learn about annual maintenance planning for your strata corporation by watching the following videos from a recent seminar hosted by FirstService Residential. The seminar was led by guest speakers Sean Ingraham (Managing Broker for FirstService Residential BC) and Gerry McRobert (Senior Regional Director at FirstService Residential BC).

Introduction to Maintenance Planning for Strata Corporations

Required vs. Regular Maintenance for Strata Corporations

Required Strata Maintenance – Backflows

Required Strata Maintenance – Roof Anchors

Required Strata Maintenance – Generator Testing

Required Strata Maintenance - Fire & Life Safety (Including Elevators)

Required Strata Maintenance – Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC

Introduction to Regular Maintenance for Strata Corporations

Regular Strata Maintenance – Window Washing


Regular Strata Maintenance – Landscaping

Regular Strata Maintenance – Janitorial

Regular Strata Maintenance – Power Washing

Regular Strata Maintenance – Carpeting and Flooring

Regular Strata Maintenance – Painting and Millwork

Regular Strata Maintenance – Dryer Vent

Annual Maintenance Planning – Implementing a Maintenance Plan

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