Newsletter Article: An Ounce of Prevention

Posted on Thursday September 07, 2017

Like changing the oil in your car, regular maintenance on a building helps keeps everything working properly and safely. For stratas, some tasks are not optional, they are mandatory.

A maintenance plan is a great tool for organizing and discussing a strata corporation’s property repairs and maintenance. What the plan looks like depends on the building type and age, as well as the corporation’s finances. Maintenance plans come in a variety of formats, from brief outlines to comprehensive multipage reports, but regardless, an ongoing plan for preventive maintenance can extend the effective life of the property and increase its value by:

• Increasing the life of building components;
• Improving a community’s visual appeal;
• Increasing residents’ pride of ownership.
What Goes Into a Maintenance Plan?

1) Required Maintenance: This includes anything your strata corporation must do to be compliant with the BC Safety Authority and government authorities, such as your city or fire department.

2) Regular Maintenance: This is maintenance that is not legally mandated. Most people think of it as preventive maintenance (cleaning, painting, etc.). It also enhances curb appeal.

Role of the Strata Manager

Since each strata corporation is unique, it is important that the strata council and owners discuss what to include in a maintenance plan. From there, your strata manager can work with your strata council to create a plan that reflects your directives and particular maintenance focus.

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