When moving into a condominium community, you certainly attain many new perks that you may have never been used to. This includes having a common area being maintained, having great amenities such as sports areas and full-spaced gyms and pools, and frequently having new chances to make new friends. However, you also have responsibilities, and one important responsibility is to make your voice heard. 
The main reason why being involved in your condo corporation is so essential is because there would be no sense of community without it. It also goes a long way in protecting your property value.
Feeling stuck even though you want to get more involved in your community? Follow our three recommendations below, which we have listed in order of commitment level. While more commitment means more work, remember that your efforts often lead to greater rewards, not just for you but also for your entire community. 

1. Go to your annual meeting.

Beyond the business that occurs at annual meetings, these events provide an opportunity to meet other residents and become more connected. Your bylaws will indicate how often yearly meetings must be held. You should also receive plenty of advance notice by such methods as email, postal mail, newsletter notification, or bulletin board announcements.
The minimum you should be doing is attending your condo corporation’s annual meeting and cast your vote for the board. This yearly meeting provides you with information about the condo business directly from board members and your community manager. By allowing your voice to be heard, you also make a difference in shaping your community’s future. 

2. Join a committee.

Beyond attending your annual meeting, you can volunteer to work on a board committee. The condo board usually appoints committee volunteers. Committee members have the duty of advising board members and recommending solutions to community issues. Among the types of committees, many condo corporations have are maintenance, communications, social, and landscaping.
Participating in a board committee allows you to work directly with other residents who share similar skills, interests, or backgrounds. You may even join an ad hoc committee, which is specifically made for a particular event. Also, volunteering on a board committee can be the next step to becoming a member of your board of directors down the road. Learn how to be a more effective committee member. 

3. Run for a board position.

If you feel very comfortable being involved in your community, the last thing you can do is to run for a board position. This is a decision that is not to be taken lightly as it takes both time and dedication. However, once you are part of a board, it is an extremely rewarding responsibility as you make decisions that benefit the community as a whole. You are looking out for the best interests of the condo corporation and its members. Learn more about the functions of a condominium board.
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Getting involved in your condominium community, in any of these ways, is essential to how it operates. Here’s how you can make a difference.
Sunday October 04, 2020