Full-Service Townhome Management

FirstService Residential is Alberta’s condominium management leader. With more than 40 years of property management experience, we believe that providing attentive personal service is the only way to truly understand a client’s business and deliver the highest levels of quality and satisfaction.  
We understand that townhomes require specific attention to their unique details. For that reason we have dedicated management teams, that are the experts in the industry, to townhome communities and their special requirements.
Townhome condominiums have elements that are similar to apartments as they often share common elements such interior walls, roofing systems and exclusive-use decks or patios. But they also contain features that are like single-family homes, such as private driveways, green spaces and larger square footage.
Since we know townhome communities are not the same as apartments or single-family dwellings, we feel it is important to recognize these differences and customize our services accordingly. Our townhome team is equipped with the knowledge necessary to identify key issues that your community faces and develop strategies based on experience to address these concerns.

How does FirstService Residential make a difference for the townhomes we manage?

  • We communicate regularly with our customers and provide monthly management reports to our boards in addition to attendance at meetings and property inspections.
  • We respond to all communication by the end of the next business day. When a resolution cannot be provided immediately, we provide a clear set of expectations and a timeline.
  • We have built great relationships with contractors and service providers throughout Alberta from which our communities benefit.
  • We use our 40+ years of experience managing townhome associations to provide timely advice to each community we manage.
  • We listen to our clients and provide ongoing, structured opportunities for customer feedback;
  • Our clients trust us to do what’s best for their community. An example of this is the partnerships we have formed with insurance and financial institutions to protect the investment of all the owners.

Our professional townhome management service includes:

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