Alberta is becoming a very popular place to live in Canada, with the cities Calgary and Edmonton at the top of the list. Let us help you explore the dynamic cityscapes of Calgary and Edmonton, where urban sophistication harmonizes effortlessly with the serene beauty of nature. These two vibrant Alberta cities offer an unparalleled lifestyle experience, blending bustling city life with tranquil neighbourhoods and endless opportunities for adventure. 
Choosing the right neighbourhood involves considering factors like affordability, amenities, safety, and overall quality of life. Whether you enjoy the energetic pulse of downtown living or seek refuge in the picturesque suburbs, both cities present a range of lifestyle options to suit every taste and preference. From vibrant arts and culture scenes to awe-inspiring outdoor recreation, Calgary and Edmonton boast a versatility that accommodate diverse lifestyles and aspirations. 
Discover the unique charm and endless possibilities awaiting you in Calgary and Edmonton:

Your dream neighbourhood awaits in Calgary

Calgary is a city where vibrant urban living meets breathtaking natural landscapes. Endless outdoor recreation opportunities abound right outside your door and fun in the mountains is but a short drive away. 

As a beacon of opportunity and natural beauty only a hop-skip from the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is renowned for stunning landscapes, its entrepreneurial spirit, and high quality of life. It’s a city that offers residents a lifestyle that blends urban sophistication with outdoor adventure. 

With a robust economy driven by industries like energy, technology, and finance, Calgary provides ample job opportunities and a strong sense of economic stability. Additionally, the city's commitment to sustainability and green initiatives ensures a clean and healthy environment for its residents to enjoy. Whether you're hiking in the nearby mountains, exploring the city's diverse culinary scene, or attending world-class events like the Calgary Stampede, living in Calgary offers a dynamic and fulfilling experience that celebrates the best of urban living and natural beauty.

Top areas to live in Calgary

If you're considering buying a home, renting an apartment in Calgary or just seeking a change within the city, consider these exceptional neighbourhoods in and around the city of Calgary:

  • Beltline: The heart of the city

    • A dynamic hub with condominiums, restaurants, and cultural hotspots.

    • Ideal for young professionals and urban enthusiasts.

  • Kensington: Charming and eclectic

    • Nestled along the Bow River, boasting boutique shopping and cozy cafes.

    • Perfect for those who appreciate community and creativity.

  • Tuscany: Suburban serenity

    • Stunning mountain views, beautiful parks, and excellent schools.

    • Tranquil suburban living with easy access to the city and the Rockies.

  • Inglewood: Artistic and historic

    • Calgary's oldest neighbourhood with heritage homes and art galleries.

    • Ideal for nature enthusiasts with proximity to the Calgary Zoo and Bird Sanctuary.

  • Bowness: Riverside living

    • Along the Bow River, offering outdoor adventures and city amenities.

    • A close-knit community welcoming all.

  • Eau Claire: Riverfront luxury

    • Upscale downtown living with breathtaking views of the Bow River.

    • Easy access to downtown events, fine dining, and shopping.

  • Bridgeland: Quaint and quirky

    • Historic buildings and modern amenities minutes from downtown.

    • A popular community with a cozy village-like atmosphere.

  • Signal Hill: Suburban oasis

    • Family-friendly neighbourhood with excellent schools and green spaces.

    • Ideal for outdoor recreation with nearby parks and pathways.

  • Bankview: Hidden gem

    • Affordable yet trendy neighbourhood with easy downtown access.

    • Growing number of shops and eateries.

  • Aspen Woods: Luxurious living

    • Affluent neighbourhood with stunning homes and easy mountain access.

    • Relaxed suburban lifestyle with upscale amenities.

  • Cochrane: Breathtaking nature outside your door

    • Surrounded by stunning landscapes, including the rolling foothills and majestic Rockies – breathtaking views at every turn.

    • Only a short drive from a nearby LRT stop, this tranquil enclave offers the perfect balance of small-town living with the convenience of city amenities.

Great neighbourhoods in Edmonton

Are you looking for a new home or rental in Edmonton? Explore diverse neighbourhoods in Alberta's dynamic capital city. Edmonton offers a unique blend of urban vibrancy and natural tranquillity that few cities can match. 
Nestled along the picturesque North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton boasts a thriving cultural scene, world-class amenities, and a strong sense of community. From its diverse neighbourhoods offering everything from historic charm to modern convenience, to its abundance of parks, trails, and outdoor recreational opportunities, Edmonton caters to a wide range of lifestyles. 

With a lower cost of living compared to many other major Canadian cities, coupled with a robust economy and ample job opportunities, Edmonton provides a high quality of life without sacrificing affordability. Living in Edmonton offers an unparalleled experience that truly embodies the spirit of Alberta.

Top neighbourhoods in Edmonton

If you're new to the city or simply seeking a change of neighbourhood, consider these exceptional areas in and around the city of Edmonton:

  • Strathcona: Historic charm and modern conveniences

    • Tree-lined streets with eclectic boutiques and restaurants.

    • Attracts young professionals, families, and students alike.

  • Downtown Edmonton: Urban living at its best

    • Diverse residential options with unparalleled access to entertainment and dining.

    • Scenic river valley views and employment opportunities.

  • Glenora: Tranquility near urban amenities

    • Lush parks and prestigious schools with easy access to the river valley.

    • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and families seeking peace.

  • Oliver: Vibrant arts scene and urban lifestyle

    • Trendy cafes, historic landmarks, and diverse residential options.

    • Lively urban living with proximity to the river valley.

  • Highlands: Old-world charm and community spirit

    • Heritage homes and a thriving arts scene near the river valley.

    • Tight-knit community with plenty of local charm.

  • Ritchie: Diverse community with laid-back lifestyle

    • Eclectic housing options near Mill Creek Ravine and Ritchie Market.

    • Laid-back living with abundant amenities.

  • Belgravia: Peaceful retreat with superior rentals

    • Elegant homes and stunning river valley views near the University of Alberta.

    • Close-knit community vibe with convenient amenities.

  • Westmount: Historic charm and vibrant atmosphere

    • Eclectic shops and cultural attractions north of downtown.

    • Dynamic urban lifestyle with diverse housing options.

  • Crestwood: Natural beauty and upscale amenities

    • Picturesque streets and tranquil living in the river valley.

    • Boutique shopping and gourmet dining options.

  • Riverdale: Charming and eclectic community

    • Quaint cottages and a rich history east of downtown.

    • Family-friendly neighbourhood with local cafes and parks.

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