An initial judgment when meeting someone takes a mere five seconds. A first impression? Even quicker. As soon as you meet someone, it is instant that you subconsciously make an immediate judgment. When knowing this, it is then vital to make a positive impression, especially when it comes to providing exceptional service. That is why having an excellent front desk at your condo or high-rise is essential. 
The team at your front desk is more than just the “face” of your building. The front desk is the initial point of contact for homeowners, residents, and guests. The front desk team deals with many job duties and responsibilities, from security, providing information, handling deliveries, handing out notices to residents, and being on call at all times to be able to deal with first responders should an accident or emergency occur. In some high-rises or condos, it goes even farther, offering dining reservations, ticket reservations to special events, and more. They should be trained to create the most personalized experience for each person to accompany the lifestyle that many people seek. 
This treatment and experience are comparable to how you would be treated at a high-end hotel. Interactions with anyone entering or exiting the building are critical to how much you enjoy your stay at a hotel and a determining factor when choosing your future visit. It is even more essential when it comes to relishing your home. 
By now, we’ve established that this team is important. The next thing to think about is how to assemble this all-star team. This can sometimes be seen as a daunting task for condo corporations. This is where investing in an excellent property management company becomes so important - especially one that provides integrated property management services. FirstService Residential is unique in the Toronto market. It provides condo communities with both experiences - one being the traditional property management services combined with the experience of having top-tier front desk, cleaning, maintenance, and security associates. By having integrated services, the condominium corporations become more efficient because they can simplify the delivery model through dealing with one direct vendor for all services, instead of dealing with multiple service providers.
For us at FirstService Residential, we start at the hiring process. Every front desk association receives ongoing education with hands-on learning through our FirstService University courses. This helps their understanding of how to elevate the lifestyle, while also feeling invested in their role. It truly is something special when you can have the ability to change somebody’s day through professional and courteous service. It’s a big job, and we want to treat it that way. 
By offering integrated management services across various roles, we ensure a higher standard in every area of the community - from maintenance to cleaning and beyond. There is also further assistance with our tools provided to our front desk associates. Our FirstService Residential Connect™ offers further assistance in accessing an up-to-date database of all residents. This tool personalizes guest service even more, as it can be better catered to what service is needed. This is something as simple as calling someone by their name, providing delivery notifications, and more.
Reading through this article clearly shows that having a great front desk team is more than just the initial first impression. Consistency is key when being the heart of a lifestyle and culture for your residents and their guests. For more information on hiring and managing a quality front desk team, contact FirstService Residential.
Saturday August 08, 2020