A first impression is what people remember the most. This is why it is important to make a good first impression. 

When people enter a condominium for the first time, they will see the lobby and immediately think of different words to describe it. These words can be positive, such as bright, well maintained, spacious, or they can be negative, such as unkempt, outdated, or plain. This can be very damaging to the perception of the entire building. 

However, it is more than just the view that matters. A great lobby serves many important functions. Here are ways you can ensure your lobby is the best it can be to make that great first impression. 


 1. Your lobby should be secure.

 A lobby should make people feel secure and protected. Full-service facilities, which include a front desk concierge or representative, can make residents feel at ease, especially at night. They should be properly trained and experienced to handle any issues that arise. A good property management corporation can help you. We provide fully-integrated management services, including front desk personnel and housekeeping professionals, all from a trusted vendor. This is much easier to handle than having to contact multiple contractors and fill out different forms and paperwork. 

Safety needs to be handled differently for unmanned lobbies. A key fob installation or strict magnetic card system can go a long way to provide safe access for residents. Another safety consideration is installing video surveillance, which details the date and time. If these solutions are too expensive, we recommend installing a deadbolt at every entrance. 

However, for both types of facilities, bright LED lighting across the building is essential for top resident safety measures. A measure to save money is by having them be motion-activated, so they’re not always in use. 


 2. Your lobby should make deliveries and pick-ups easy.  

 With more online purchases being made by residents, they want their delivery to be as smooth as possible from the time they order it until they receive it. If there is a front desk concierge, they should keep packages organized for residents to pick up as soon as they come to the desk. Take it one step further and have team members sign for packages, so residents can be alerted by the delivery company by phone or email. 

FirstService Residential’s Connect system does this all, tracking package deliveries and providing residents with delivery notifications. 

If the lobby is unmanned, there should be an area with lockboxes dedicated to package delivery so residents can retrieve them there. It is also recommended that a video camera is installed in the room. 




 3. Your decor should build your brand.

 How do you want your residents to feel when they enter your lobby? It can be more than just opening the door and entering a room. Everything, including the décor in the lobby, can say a lot. Take into consideration how much of a role your lobby plays in building your brand.

Here are some good rules of thumb to give your lobby personality and style: smaller pieces with clean lines help create space, whereas glass and mirrored surfaces help enlarge the lobby’s feel which provides security with a good sightline. Be consistent and decorate in a way that flows with the rest of your building’s aesthetic. 

Always remember you want your residents to feel like they’re being welcomed home, into a space they’re proud to live in. Ideally, your lobby will invite residents to stop, linger, and interact – and that builds community.


 4. A great lobby starts at the bottom.


While residents will often be looking forward in their direction, flooring is always an important consideration. When choosing your material, choose one that is durable but easy to clean, especially when you consider the amount of lobby traffic. 

Given the weather during the winter months, you may want to have a non-slip mat placed over your floors during heavy snowfall or rain. Whether you decide on concrete, stone, vinyl, or hardwood flooring, you can benefit from a full-service model offering integrated management services from FirstService Residential, using environmentally-friendly products when cleaning carpeting or hard surface floors. 

Remember, your lobby is where residents or guests pass by every day, and it needs proper staffing, maintenance, cleaning, and more. Just for this reason, it is worth working with a property management company that cares about providing integrated services. This way, you’ll enhance property values, manage costs, and increase asset value in the process. 

Wednesday July 01, 2020