Reducing Energy Consumption to Help Our Communities – And the Environment

The benefits of “going green” extend beyond what’s good for the environment. There are also benefits for your community’s bottom line. We have taken a knowledge based approach to green and sustainability and encouraged our team members to educate themselves following the Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED standard. In fact, many of our associates have achieved this esteemed designation.

As part of our corporate philosophy, we believe that driving knowledge leadership in sustainability will allow us to effectively implement “green” best practices in our clients’ communities, as well as in our own operations. We are committed to environmental sustainability and energy management through a practical and knowledge-based approach that includes:

  • Educating our own leaders, associates, Board members and homeowners
  • “Greening” our operations procedures
  • Educating our clients about sustainability best practices for their communities and operations
  • Benchmarking energy usage to measure improvement