Here are some recent examples of how FirstService Residential New York has been making news.

Message from President Dan Wurtzel - 2015 Budget Considerations

FirstService Residential is in the midst of constructing annual operating and capital budgets for clients whose fiscal year begins on January 1. As you work with your property manager to finalize your budgets, several topics may warrant further consideration by your board this year.

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Message from President Dan Wurtzel - 2015 Budget Considerations

FirstService Residential is in the midst of constructing annual operating and capital budgets for clients whose fiscal year begins on January 1. As you work with your property manager to finalize your budgets, several topics may warrant further consideration by your board this year.

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Industry Experts Provide Insight into Local Law 87 Compliance

FirstService Residential assembled a panel of experts to provide our clients with information and guidance on complying with Local Law 87 – a complex and potentially costly law that requires property owners to audit energy use and retro-commission their buildings every 10 years and submit an Energy Efficiency Report to the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) documenting the results. The law impacts buildings over 50,000 square feet. Following are key takeaways from “Plotting the Right Course: How Multifamily Properties Can Benefit from Compliance with Local Law 87.” 

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FS Energy Named Finalist in Competition to Protect City From Storms

Dan Wurtzel, President of FirstService Residential New York, is quoted in this Real Estate Weekly article on FS Energy's exploration of options to protect the city and keep buildings operational in the face of natural disasters.

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Three Bright Ideas for LED Lighting

So you’ve spent hours searching for ways to save your condo or co-op association money. Your association board looked at every column in your balance sheet. You’ve pored over every statement. You’ve talked to every contractor and vendor. And you’ve searched floor to...ceiling?

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To Sell Luxury Condos, Developers Tempt Toddlers

Two luxury high rises managed by FirstService Residential – New York by Gehry at 8 Spruce Street and 15 Broad Street – are featured in this Wall Street Journal article about the growing allure of on-site classes for residents’ children.

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Seven Ways to Close the Revenue Gap

With the unpredictable cost of some repairs, many community associations – at one time or another – find themselves in a position where they need to generate revenue. And though short-term needs may seem pressing, it’s important to look at revenue growth from a long-term perspective.

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On the List, and Not in a Good Way: A Tenant Blacklist, Culled from Tedium

Robert J. Klehammer, vice president of multifamily rental management at FirstService Residential New York, is quoted in this New York Times article about tenant-screening companies that compile information used by some landlords to prevent supposedly irresponsible tenants from renting apartments.

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Seven Ways to Get Ready for Winter

Cooler temperatures are upon us, which means it’s the time of year to make sure your home is your cozy haven. With winter comes specific maintenance requirements, so cozy up to these seven tips to make sure your home’s ready for the upcoming season.

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DEP Makes More than $5 Million Available for Green Projects

Preference for Grants Will be Given to Projects that Engage Local Communities in Environmental Awareness through Educational Efforts and Green Job Training

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From a Broken Lease, a Dream NYC Home

Leasebreak, a new company, aims to be the bridge between Airbnb and traditional brokers. Could it revolutionize renting in NYC?    

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Elderly New Yorkers, Here for the Duration

It used to be that New Yorkers of a certain age reflexively said goodbye to all this — the traffic, the tumult, the long lines and the incomparable bagels — and headed south or west for their sunset years. No longer. Around town these days there are many more than 50 shades of gray. According to the city’s Department for the Aging, the 60-plus population increased 12.4 percent between 2000 and 2010. By 2030 it is projected to grow by 35.3 percent to 1.84 million.

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Setting Pet Policies For Your Community

Your community’s governing documents will dictate whether or not pets are allowed in your community, and will also specify limits on the type and number allowed. If you live in a pet-friendly community, it’s important that you establish rules and boundaries to keep order within your community. Many of the issues and problems that arise in pet-friendly communities have very little to do with the pets – after all, they cannot clean up after themselves – and much more to do with their owners.  Your neighbor’s dog could be your best friend too, as long as your neighbor makes sure his pet is on its best behavior. 

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Four Ways to Make Your High Rise More Resilient

Superstorm Sandy was more than a tragic weather event. It revealed moments of heroism and, today, is helping property managers pursue new ways of making their high rise buildings and communities more resilient. 

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Increasing Volunteerism By Effectively Engaging Homeowners

There is one thing that every community association board and committee needs: resident volunteers. However, volunteers are often a scarce resource.   

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4 Back To School Tips to Keep Parents Sane and Kids Happy

A little organization can go a long way to helping you and your children make a smooth transition from summer to school time.

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How A Property Management Company Helps to Rebuild After a Hurricane

A powerful hurricane can devastate even those communities that have made all of the preparations that it can. When this happens, the road to recovery and rebuilding can feel long.   Fortunately, a great property management company can help. With best practices in place and the help of an experienced team, even the most insurmountable damage can be mitigated, repaired and reversed.   

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Four Ways to Increase Value by Decreasing Energy Use

Energy ranks toward the top of the list of multi-family building expenses. A professional property management company can help board members to reduce costs that some may have thought would never go down. 

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Report: The Price of Resilience: Can Multifamily Housing Afford to Adapt?

A new report released by the NYU Furman Center examines the challenges of retrofitting New York City’s multifamily housing stock against future climate threats, including the potential effect on the city’s limited stock of affordable housing.

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Best Advice about Property Management

Management companies fully attend to the business of managing a community, thus alleviating a significant burden for a volunteer board that often has neither the time nor expertise to dedicate themselves to the role on a 24/7 basis. How can you tell a merely decent property management company from a positively great one? 

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