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"Your Closing Director went out of his way to make sure our needs are being met! What a delightful man. My husband and I are refinancing our apartment. I left a frustrated voicemail for him with hopes that he could enlighten me on a situation... and can you believe it? He called me back! He is not the person handling our closing, but he wanted to reassure me that he looked into the situation, making sure it was resolved, and if we had any problems in the future to feel free to call him! How sweet and caring! Being a shareholder, it just thrills me that such a wonderful person works there! Please recognize what a responsible loving person you have in your company. I don't like writing emails, but he deserves praise."

Great Neck Terrace

"I am appreciative of the great service I receive from your staff. When I walk through the gates or drive in there is a feeling of safety and I love being able to enjoy the beautiful environment. I look forward to being here for a very long time – this is home in the true sense of the word."

University Towers Apt. Corp.

"I wanted to put in writing what I told you during the tortured path to the closing: that I believe the Closing Agent, Carlo, is superb. In my long experience as a real estate lawyer, I have [dealt] with many closing agents. Not a single one has demonstrated anything close to Carlo’s responsiveness. When one makes a call to Carlo, he returns that call and always within a reasonable time. This closing had a lot of twists and turns. Carlo demonstrated great patience, flexibility, and humor throughout in dealing with the many problems that arose. I wanted to commend his performance and bring it to your attention."

Thomas L. Gazianis, Esq.
New York

"Here, and I suspect at other buildings, for a degree of work that seems like a feat to me – our property manager is the linchpin. At a well -attended holiday party in the lobby, she arranged dreidels that she bought herself for the children. On a weekend on her own time, she visited Home Depot to browse potential stone for front door saddles. She is a real gift."

Unit Owner
372 Central Park West

"I wanted to personally thank you for welcoming me into the building and for the timely board approval. Your staff at the front desk, custodial staff and valet have been extremely helpful with my move-in and have been both friendly and professional. I am very pleased with the upkeep and amenities of the building and am looking forward to life at 75 Wall Street."

Unit Owner
75 Wall Street Condominium

"Thank you for your assistance with our transaction. You were very informed and very helpful to us. FirstService Residential is definitely one of the better management companies I have dealt with in my career. Your company is doing a nice job of managing the buildings, keeping them clean and maintaining a high standard of living."

Vinson Tsai, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Century Homes Realty Group

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