• My experience with the employees that I came in contact with was very good and I always came away with the feeling that they were on top of things and knew what they were doing.
  • They are very responsive, professional and fair in dealing with any issues that I have had.
  • FirstService Residential is a "Heads Up" management company. Our community needs are addressed before there is a problem. State laws are monitored, keeping us up to date. FirstService Residential suggests vendors who are proven to be reliable. We as a community could not ask for a better management company or a better community manager.
  • I always have been informed on what is going on with my communities. I have used many management companies in the past and I am completely happy with FirstService Residential.
  • FirstService Residential has great attention to detail.
  • The professionalism of the employees that FirstService Residential provides our property is First Class! Our GM has an extensive background in high-rise so it’s a perfect fit, and the people she has under are top drawer!
  • I like the way that they work with the Board Member with honest and up front answers to any questions.
    Dennis A.
  • I have worked with over a dozen HOA Management Companies while serving as President of four HOAs, in two states, since 1985. None have ever came close to providing overall excellent service as much as FirstService Residential.
    Dr. Ron M.
  • They are very professional, organized, responsible and have good reporting.
  • Very professional, very efficient and organized.
  • FirstService Residential has worked very closely with our HOA to make sure the Board gets what it wants when it is legal and within reason, is informed, and has good customer service that satisfies the Board as well as the owners.
  • I think FirstService Residential is accurate and just great. In comparison to our previous property management company, they are fantastic. I hardly have to do anything.
  • Excellent management company, customer focused, open lines of communication, very easy to deal with and reach people who can answer the questions.
  • FirstService Residential has acted very professionally to manage our property.”
  • They do an excellent job, and that is why I had FirstService Residential on three of the properties where I own.
  • FirstService Residential has surpassed my expectations. The level of communication received from FirstService far exceeds the levels of other property management companies I've had dealings with.
  • They always seem to be right on top of things. If I have a question about anything , they have an answer for me.
  • I have always been pleased. I find Marla very easy to deal with. She is always very prompt in returning calls.
  • We get along well with FirstService Residential and they seem to know what they are doing.