Working in Partnership to Create Vibrant, Livable Communities

For more than three decades, FirstService Residential in Nevada has provided expert community development support to many of the state’s leading developers. From inception to completion, we provide guidance and insights that continue to create thriving and successful communities in Las Vegas, Reno and throughout the state.

Supporting Developers at Each Stage of Development

The dynamics of covenant restricted communities are constantly changing due to market trends, land availability, and increased requirements mandated by changing laws. This is why it is increasingly important for developers to take extra care in developing community associations with supporting documentation that is thoughtful, adaptable and forward-thinking.  

Our Developer Services Division ideally starts during the mapping/development phase of a new community – prior to the recording of the governing documents. As the project continues, we can leverage our expertise to guide you through the design, legal and operational issues developers commonly face. In addition, we can help you plan the most desirable amenities and features to increase your community’s property values, safety marketability and ongoing success.

Our Developer Services Include:

  • Homeowner association forward planning
  • Financial planning:  community assessment and supporting budgets
  • Common area/land ownership tracking
  • Master developer/merchant builder coordination
  • Site Plan Review
  • Architectural / Mechanical Plans
  • Social program planning and evaluation
  • Amenity planning and management
  • Staffing & Preparation for Opening

Learn more about how FirstService Residential in Nevada’s professional builder and developer services can help you create a truly unique lifestyle promise for your future residents.

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