Townhome Water Pipeline Rupture

Posted on Friday October 23, 2020

The Association

One evening in early January in well-below freezing weather, a water pipeline rupture occurred at a 178-unit townhome community in Maple Grove, MN, managed by FirstService Residential. Paul Lawson, Property Manager for the association, quickly contacted a trusted vendor, Clean Response, and Gittleman Construction and Maintenance (GCM), a FirstService Residential company. Arriving on the scene first were GCM’s Director of Construction, David Huber, Project Manager Kirk Stifter, and two master plumbers. Upon arrival they found water pouring out of the front of one unit, flooding the driveway. Upon further investigation, a total of five units were affected and included damage to ceilings, drywall, cabinets, common walls, flooring, and millwork.

The Solution

GCM's David Huber had knowledge of the internal water line structure at this particular property, and knew where to immediately cap off the main water feed that came into the unit. This reduced both further damage to the units affected by the rupture, and the amount of down time that would adversely affect residents in other units. Immediately, Huber and his team determined the potential threat of ceiling collapse in one unit and began to remove damaged materials. After addressing these immediate safety concerns, coordinating with Clean Response, GCM's Kirk Stifter worked to ensure the quick implementation of dry out equipment. GCM and FirstService Residential’s property manager, Paul Lawson, worked to ensure that every unit potentially affected by the rupture was investigated and assessed.
For a more efficient and accurate insurance claim and restoration process, Huber led GCM’s construction team and employed state-of-the art equipment to detect moisture readings, including non-invasive measurements to protect the still undamaged surfaces and materials. From top to bottom the team worked to accurately assess and document damage, from taking technical readings to before and after photographs, as well as detailed inspections and walk-throughs to continually assess the status of repairs.

The Results

From the time the rupture occurred through the construction and remodel completion stages, FirstService Residential and GCM worked closely to ensure both a successful restoration and execution and administration of insurance claims. Thanks to the team's experience and knowledge, as well as their state-of-the-art tools that quickly assessed damage and made accurate restoration recommendations, the homeowner units were repaired and completed in a timely and efficient manner.