How to Connect with Us

As a resident you want a property management company that is easy to reach when you have important questions or concerns about day-to-day life in your association. At FirstService Residential Minnesota, we are always within reach.

Three Ways to Connect for Residents

Resident Support Services (RSS)

RSS TeamTo connect with our RSS team, click here.

Available by email, our RSS team is comprised of local, specialized experts that work behind the scenes to help resolve the day-to-day issues of association living. Working from Monday to Friday, the RSS team will quickly and efficiently answer a variety of questions you may have as a resident including but not limited to:

  • Amenity and elevator reservations

  • Parking and pool passes

  • Snow removal

  • Rules and regulations including potential violations

  • Common area maintenance, and more 


Text HODAPowered by artificial intelligence, HODA our Homeowner Digital Assistant, is available to respond to resident inquiries by text, 24/7. In partnership with our Resident Support Services (RSS) team, the program is integrated with FirstService Residential Connect, allowing residents to receive detailed information specific to their association such as account balances, submitting service requests, booking amenities, and more.

Contacting HODA is simple, follow these easy steps:

  1. Text "Hey HODA" to 1-866-377-0779

  2. HODA's first text to you will be its contact information.

  3. Click the icon and save the contact in your phone.

  4. Whenever you have a question, 24/7, text HODA!

  5. End of training! Seriously, it's as easy as texting a friend.


Customer Care Center

In the event of an emergency, our Customer Care Center remains available and is a quick phone call away. Customer Care Center can be reached at 952.277.2700