Being a HOA president is something to take great satisfaction and pride in. In other articles, we have outlined some of the essential roles and responsibilities of a HOA president and its board. Although every association is different, the information below is more of a general outline to follow. 

1. Robust and confident leader.

Sometimes, the President must set aside personal relationships with neighbors or friends to do their job correctly for the good of the association. Although this places them in an awkward position, being a leader entails getting things done while explaining your position to get these people to understand you are being entrusted to make decisions for the greater good. 

2. Liaison between the HOA and Board. 

The President is the liaison between the HOA and Board. The President needs to understand the entirety of the manager’s duties and have frequent communication to ensure contractual obligations have been completed. 

3. Thorough understanding of Governing Documents

HOA Presidents must be familiar with the Governing Documents and promote compliance in all regards. They are called upon to lead discussions based on several topics and therefore, must understand the parameters within which the association can be most effective. The President is perceived as the community expert, so they spend a lot of time (especially upfront) studying the Governing Documents to best address each issue. Becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight, so if you have access to someone who knows your documents well (like a former President or your association management company), you’ll be well versed in no time.
HOA Presidents have to be familiar with the Governing Documents and ensure compliance at all times. They are called on to lead discussions based on numerous topics and thus must understand the parameters in how the association can be most effective. They are also seen as the community expert for this reason. This doesn’t happen overnight, but if you access to someone who knows your documents well (like a former President or your association management company), this will be a big help in obtaining the proper knowledge. 

4. Collaborator and team player

Although being a President means being the head of the Board, this should not mean that decisions are made unilaterally. Democratic principles should always be in effect to obtain Board input and approvals, which will also eliminate any sense of resident questioning regarding true intentions or personal agendas. 

5. Student

When you are elected to a HOA board, you will learn new things every day, which is no different for a Board President. Discoveries will be made, and you will also get to know your fellow residents in greater detail. Further, the role will occasionally give you homework, such as reviewing documents and preparing reports. 

6. Meeting Facilitator

HOA Presidents are often tasked with facilitating meetings. At times, meetings may turn into a heated debate. It is up to the President to take control and mediate the situation so that everyone on the Board has an opportunity to express their opinion. Each meeting should be productive and efficient under the Board President. 

7. Advocate for volunteers

Board Presidents should be encouraging, engaging, and energetic. They should inspire others to be supportive of the objectives your community wants to achieve. Thus, it is in the President’s best interest to develop their volunteers’ skills as team members so they will continue to be part of the committee. 

8. Good listener

A good President will listen to the opinions and inputs of others. Learning which issues are most important to residents and board members will help make final decisions.
Overall, the HOA President assumes the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the association and serve as the spokesperson for the HOA board. Being a great leader has a significant impact on the success of an association and community. For more information on effective board leadership, contact FirstService Residential Minnesota today.
Monday August 31, 2020