There is so much to choose from when deciding what community to be part of. However, for many new residents, a whopping 70% say that there's one thing at the top of their list: curb appeal. 
This is terrific news for communities in Minnesota who take pride in their outdoor landscaping, and take their time in improving their community's outside look year after year. Unlike depreciating sidewalks and roads, having trees and shrubs planted enhances property values. These types of things should be looked at as more of an investment for prospective residents than a "current cost." Once you have a beautiful curb appeal, maintaining it is the next thing. 
Now, do you need a full landscaping makeover to fully enhance the curb appeal of your single-family or townhome community? Not necessarily. In this article, we give you tidbits on how you can start making your curb appeal shine. 

1. Decide what type of help you need. 

With a small community, there is an advantage of flexibility, which can allow simple landscaping measures to be completed themselves. Things such as pruning, light planting, and mowing can be done in a flash, granted there is not much ground to cover. However, this is not always the case. If the job seems too big to carry out, it is best for the neighborhood to obtain the help of a professional landscaping company. An excellent association management company will provide you with many experienced, reliable and cost-effective landscapers who will give your trees and shrubs the attention they deserve. 

2. Weed it out.

There is no bigger downer to your curb appeal than a messy bunch of weeds crumped together around your community. There is no need to fret, as there are many tools at your disposal that can help get rid of them. You can get your hands dirty and pull them out by hand, or use chemical killers to put them down. However, the latter option is not the most environmentally-friendly way. Another solution is to plant more shrubbery. Since they will be in the soil with the weeds, they'll blend in much more beautiful, and you won't have to spend an enormous amount of time taking the excess out. 

3. Put down some roots.

Whether it's an elegant row of boulevard trees or an overall effort to gain consistency among exteriors and architecture, what you plant is just as important as where you plant it. Make sure you focus on species that will thrive in our Minnesota climate. You'll also want to consider how much maintenance the plant life needs and how much that will impact your budget. Working with an association manager can help – these professionals will be able to connect you with landscape companies who know the climate, the plant life and how to get your single-family or townhome community looking its best.
Having a variety of plants across your community will instantly spark pops of color, especially if it matches your exterior and architecture. Make sure to be mindful of what you plant, since you'll want to pick plant species that thrive in the Minnesota climate. You will also have to consider maintenance fees in regards to your budget. Again, a professional association management company will have all your solutions ready! 

4. Seeds of knowledge.

The more you know, the better it'll grow. Do your research on your downtime. You don't have to become a professional botanist, but knowing the basics of landscaping and greenery will make you better equipped to handle one of your community's most valuable assets. It will also help you choose professionals to help you, even if you are working alongside a professional association management company. Knowledge is power in any capacity, and knowing how to make the outside of your community look its best is essential. 
Landscaping is fertile ground for enhancing the look and beauty of your single-family or townhome community – and its value, too no matter what the season. For more ground maintenance, landscaping tips and insights, contact FirstService Residential today.
Monday August 31, 2020