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Humans are social creatures with a deep-seated yearning for connection and community. This is particularly evident in an HOA, where a strong sense of community can be the difference between long-standing residency and high turnover.   

Typically, a community consists of a group of individuals sharing common characteristics or goals, linked by a common policy. In the case of your HOA, members share a set of core values and goals, either written or unwritten, which help define the community you live in.

Some of the things your board can do to build a greater sense of community are:
  • Running your board effectively by holding productive meetings and having an in-depth knowledge of your governing documents  
  • Maintaining transparency with open communication and providing a platform for residents to voice their concerns
  • Creating neighbor-to-neighbor interactions through events and lifestyle programs
  • Encouraging volunteerism, including involvement on the board and on committees
  • Fostering community pride through the experiences you create for residents and the reputation you develop with prospective residents
  • Inspiring residents to participate in the larger community by informing them of local happenings and nearby community features, such as transit, parks and schools
A close-knit community in which neighbors care about each other can provide a great deal of emotional satisfaction and enhance the quality of life for your residents.
What is your board's plan for building a greater sense of community for your HOA?
Thursday January 18, 2018