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“We are a large and complex community and the decision to contract for management services required extensive thought and review. We sought a community association management company with proven expertise managing communities of our size and scale and a stellar track record of delivering exceptional service levels, operational transparency and a fresh perspective to large master-planned communities. FirstService Residential meets our stringent requirements, and clearly demonstrated a unique ability to deliver on all of our criteria.” – Board President, Sacramento
Master Planned and Large Scale Communities are in a category all its own. It’s a unique living experience requiring a management partner with the right resources and expertise. We have been serving master planned and large scale communities in and around Sacramento for over 35 years. Whether your community is in Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Elk Grove, Woodland or surrounding areas our local team is ready to deliver exceptional service and solutions.
Our Sacramento team has extensive experience in all facets of master planned and large scale community management including involvement in every aspect of master planned and large scale communities:

  • Initial planning
  • Development
  • Full management services

It’s not just the size of master planned and large scale communities that sent them apart. The diversity and number of amenities and features makes each community unique. The entrance serving as the ambassador to your brand, lush landscaping, open spaces, and communal areas that can be leverage to create a sense of community all set the tone. FirstService Residential works tirelessly to maintain and improve all these elements.
Your management partner needs to go beyond doing the basics well, that should be a given. We believe it is imperative to identify the unique needs of your community. We invest in the people, structure and resources required to identify these needs, create a plan for success in collaboration with the Board, and most importantly consistently deliver on your promises.
We know any change to a new management team is a decision the Board reviews in-depth with many considerations. We understand the importance a smooth transition is for the Board and residents – it must be seamless and implemented with confidence without any interruption to the association’s business. That is why we have a dedicated team of experts ready to take care of all details by implementing a well-tested process which includes consistent and clear communication to the Board and residents.
We invite you to learn more about what it takes to transition properly by reading our in-depth white paper – Switching to a New Community Management Company: How a Dedicated Team Approach Can Ensure a Smooth Transition by clicking here.
We focus on three immediate and important principles to meet your needs: 

Exceptional Customer Service

We believe transparency and consistent communication between all stakeholders is essential to delivering exceptional service – this includes the Board, residents and management team. This builds relationships and trust. We focus exclusively on customer service and enhance this through the use of dynamic tools. FirstService Residential Connect™ was created as a fully integrated community management software system for residents and staff to perform numerous daily functions in a timely and efficient manner. Our Sacramento leadership engage associates who share our vision of superior service, quality and responsiveness. 

Staffing Solutions

Questions related to staffing are often the first to surface, with good reason. The staff serving your community play a vital role in delivering the experience and vision the Board works so hard to build. We understand this importance and have invested in the HR expertise and resources necessary to provide industry leading support. This includes reviewing staffing models and recommendations, recruiters to source top talent matched to your community, and true guidance to navigate the sensitive nature of human resources. Why risk it? 

Operational Excellence

Our Sacramento team has the experience and tools to ensure you receive the highest value. We work within budget guidelines to deliver solutions that keep your community looking its best. We attend to cost effectiveness on your behalf through company mandated processes such as securing competitive bids from pre-qualified and insured contractors, regularly sharing maintenance reports, and certifying vendors are meeting expectations. Your on-site team is also supported by an extensive network of associates with specialized expertise in accounting, human resources and technology to provide:

We believe our highly skilled team, industry only resources and partnerships, unique structure, and cutting edge solutions are the reasons why we are Sacramento’s leader in master planned and large scale community management.
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