Swimming is one of the best activities of summer, but it could easily turn into a disaster for your neighborhood. If your community has a swimming pool, review these tips to keep your residents safe while they enjoy the cool pool on a hot summer day.
Monitor Children
If your community does not employ a lifeguard or other certified staff monitoring the pool, ensure parents and guardians understand they must be present to monitor children and guests in the pool. If you do staff lifeguards, always have someone there when the pool is open. During busy times, you may need multiple lifeguards to safely monitor all guests.
Educate Staff on Life Saving Techniques
Swimmers rely on lifeguards to help them in case of an emergency, so train your staff in CPR, first aid, and emergency response with the most current techniques. Consider offering and sponsoring community programs that teach CPR and first aid to staff and residents to ensure everyone knows how to save a life.
Offer Swimming Lessons and Safety
Another great neighborhood service to provide to your community residents is swimming lessons. Promote the advantages of learning to swim and offer them in your very own community swimming pool to make it easy for families to register family and friends. When you know how to swim, the risk of drowning is reduced significantly.
Establish and Enforce Rules
Create safety rules for your community swimming pool, such as no diving, running, and swim with a buddy. Post the rules in the pool and on the community website where homeowners and guests can clearly understand what can and cannot be done. If nothing else, ensure that rules and regulations for the pool are enforced on a consistent basis in order to ensure everyone’s safety. 
Follow Pool Enclosure Requirements
Surround the pool with a secure wall, fence, and/or barrier that is at least 5-feet high. The enclosure must be at least 20 inches from the water’s edge.  The gate for the enclosure must open outward from the pool and must be self-closing and self-latching.  Ensure that you can place a lock on the gate, so the pool can be locked when it is not open or operational and prevents people from entering after pool hours.  For additional information, please review the Arizona Revised Statute #36-1681.
Keep the Pool Clean, Operating and Equipped
The maintenance of the pool and its equipment is crucial, especially during the hot summer months. Inspect all safety equipment, such as covers and reaching poles to ensure that everything is in operating condition. Keep it clean and ensure that the chemical levels are appropriate for the season.
In addition, ensure that you, your family and guests are healthy.  The last thing you need is to have someone contract a virus when it could have easily been avoided by taking the necessary precautions.
Don’t put your residents at risk.  If your community follows these tips, everyone will be able to minimize the risk of injury or drowning and enjoy the pool on a scorching summer day.
Thursday August 27, 2015