Full-Service High-Rise Property Management Services

Incredible views, beautiful architecture, attractive amenities, close to work and local activities…these are just a few of the qualities that attract homeowners to Calgary and Edmonton’s beautiful high-rise buildings.  

Continuing to maintain and enhance high-rise buildings require the right property management company with specialized skills, knowledge and experience – and that’s just what FirstService Residential in Alberta offers.

Through the experience and insights gained by managing condominium communities in Alberta since 1974, we know that high-rises are essentially vertical neighborhoods, requiring specialized management skills and years of experience. We have a proven track record in providing the best property management services to high-rise buildings while enhancing their property values, curb appeal and the quality of life for their residents.

Local Experts Deliver Tailored Property Management Services for your High-Rise Building

We start our process by assigning your property with a strong team. Our local experts are equipped with high-rise property management knowledge and operational skills to support the needs of your building. In addition, our associates will provide exceptional customer service to focus on your building’s unique lifestyle and individual requirements. FirstService Residential provides preventative maintenance programs to help improve the effectiveness, cost-efficiency and longevity of your building’s systems and equipment. With our operational expertise and industry leading high-rise property management services we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service to your Board members, homeowners and residents.  

FirstService Residential Alberta’s high-rise property management services include:

  • Common area maintenance
  • Perform frequent property inspections and implementing a work order system
  • Coordinate all routine maintenance and repair
  • Train, develop and supervise on-site personnel
  • Prepare bid specifications
  • Monitor vendors and contractor performance
  • Enforce Bylaws and Rules & Regulations
  • Obtain insurance and oversee claims processing
  • Custom Emergency & Asset Manuals
  • Provide community website tools
  • Implementing package tracking system for deliveries
  • Establish visitor management systems
  • Oversee valet services
  • Manage amenity programs and reservations

We also offer our high-rise communities additional value-added services such as financial and accounting services, proprietary property management technology administrative support and a Customer Care Center. In addition, as part of the FirstService Residential family, our managed-communities benefit from our combined buying power and negotiated vendor pricing to increase the quality and save your community money on everyday services, such as waste management, banking and insurance.

Contact us to learn more about how FirstService Residential Alberta’s specialized high-rise property management services can benefit your building.

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