Noise disputes or noisy neighbours can disrupt a  community? Been part of one?

Noise disputes disrupt communities and we’ve all probably had experience with one  of the  examples below. What’s a bet you’ve been involved in one? Keep reading and find out.

Parking rage is a thing, really, and can cause rental disputes

It’s frustrating when your guest can’t find a parking stall at your community. Visitor stalls provide a means for guests to park short-term while visiting. This small convenience is nice, especially if you live in a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment building in downtown Edmonton or Calgary. Generally guest parking is for daytime use and not meant as overnight parking.  

Your apartment rental property parking lot is used by a lot of people. And we get it, there might be a nice spacious corner where you can change the oil, but parking lots weren’t built for vehicle maintenance. Please respect other apartment community members and refrain from working on your vehicle in the lot.

Noise in a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment building is certainly a culprit in neighbour disputes

rental property noise disputes

I think a lot of us, writer included can say we’ve been a little like an unruly neighbour ourselves, one, or more times. Sounds carry easily and everyone usually does their part to keep noise to a minimum. But hey, you just moved into your 2-bedroom apartment, right downtown Calgary or Edmonton. There’s nothing wrong with a few guests for a housewarming. Most-times all it takes is a conversation with your neighbour because most people understand.  

Everyone keeps their own schedule, and while some work from home and others are raising young children, we must be mindful of our neighbours and keep noises to a minimum. Please respect your neighbours and avoid loud TVs, radios, music and guests.

Drowning out noises may mean wearing headphones while working or playing ‘white noise’ to calm outside noises. If noisy neighbours become excessive and start negatively impacting your living space, have a conversation with your neighbour and explain how louder than normal noises impact your daily life. Exercise patience and understand that many people might not know how loud they’ve been. And……..If you said yes, ‘I’m a bit ashamed I’ve been that person, that noisy neighbour,’ no worries, just think twice next time.

However, in some cases you may have to contact the resident manager of your apartment rental.

Common areas are common grounds for neighbour disputes

You’re proud of your home, whether you’re renting an apartment or own a condo. The shared common areas show off the beauty of your community.

Use spaces like green areas, hallways, parking, fitness areas and social rooms like you would your personal space. A good rule of thumb is to leave common spaces in the same way you would expect to find them when it’s your turn to use them. Leaving them clean for the next person and keeping the noise down while using them is respectful, thoughtful and shows common pride throughout the complex.

Pets & children in neighbour disputes? Sound familiar?

Most 1- and 2-bedroom apartment rentals are pet-friendly. Your fur babies are part of the family and your community, and likely you signed a pet addendum before moving in. This is because it’s critical that everyone knows and understands the rules for pets in apartment living.

pet friendly rental properties

Keep in mind the unsightly blemishes pet waste has on your beautiful community and green spaces and please pick up after little Rover. Pets are neighbours too and need a little help to be good ones. Don’t let your pet trample bushes or bark excessively, and please keep them on-leash when on the common property. While people with pets flock together some pets may not take kindly to their furry neighbours, therefore keeping them leashed amounts to safety for everyone.

Children are curious and left unattended could get into places they shouldn’t be. Your little ones 12 and under must always be under parental/caregiver supervision. Like your pets, children should not play in hallways or other common areas.

Many apartment rentals in Calgary and Edmonton are near parks and playgrounds that your children will love.

Waste & recycling…Beware the couches, appliances and other household want nots  

Household waste and recycling are natural by-products of daily living and can be unattractive if not disposed of properly…think overflowing waste, recycle and compost bins.

Did you know that community waste disposal is limited to household waste, and bigger items like appliances, furniture, electronics and hazardous materials must be dropped off by tenants to the appropriate landfill site?

improper disposal of household waste

If you’ve got bigger items you no longer need, consider donating them. Many goodwill organizations are more than happy to come to your apartment building and haul your items away. Re-use is great for the environment, and it feels good donating versus throwing an item away. When recycling, properly separate your recyclables, flatten your boxes, and put them in the correct bins. Your resident manager can help you learn what goes where.  

Improper waste disposal mars the beauty in your community, not to mention the extra costs to clean up excess. If you see excess waste, consider bringing this to the attention of your resident manager so others can be properly educated in waste removal.

Don’t let complaints turn into neighbour disputes

Complaints happen and can be managed positively and timely if we all take time to listen and hear the nature of the complaint. Talking about the situation and understanding why it’s happening is the key to effective solutions everyone can live with.

Be a good neighbour and listen, cooperate and respect the situation. When people understand the importance of good neighbourly conduct and that we all have a role to play, communities evolve happier and healthier.

Safety & Security. How many times have you slipped in through the front door behind someone?

Living in a community surrounded by people is usually quite safe. Safety and security is important and everyone is responsible. Most 1- and 2-bedroom rental properties feature secure entrances but even people who don’t live in the apartment block sometimes get in. And the vast majority of the time it’s Okay.

If you see suspicious activity, vandalism, possible theft or property damage taking place, walk away and call 9-1-1 when you’re safe. After that call your resident manager. Another thing to keep in mind is to not leave your underground parking lot before you see the door close behind you. Your neighbours will appreciate you.

Fires & Floods. We’ve all burned a candle or two in our 1- or 2-bedroom apartment or condo

Fires and flooding can happen in minutes, and affect the units around the source, or in worst case scenarios impact the entire apartment rental. Do not leave candles unattended or burn them close to anything.

In fact, don’t ignite anything in your 1- or 2-bedroom apartment. Always check your oven/stovetop that it’s turned off when not in use. Nothing that can melt or is flammable should be left near the elements.

Flooding is another hazard encountered by apartment rentals. Did you know the main cause of frozen waterlines are windows and patio doors left open in cold weather? Burst pipes are a nightmare and flooding happens quickly, damaging the area it began in and throughout many suites and floors below it. In some cases, evacuation of suites is necessary.

Together, everyone renting an apartment in the community can keep floods at bay by learning where the shut-off taps are to each of the drains and toilet(s) in the unit. These can be turned off in an instant to avoid flood damage. Your resident manager can help you find the shut-off taps and how to use them.

Many people find the experience of renting a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment enjoyable. Living in a community with other renters can foster friendships and community. Your community is a great place to live…when everyone respects, cooperates with, and considers their neighbours.

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Wednesday July 13, 2022