For those that have been affected by the devastating flood, our operations manager will be attending your building to evaluate the safety and assess required services.

As per the city of Calgary please note the following warnings:

  • If your building is still under evacuation, please do not enter under any circumstances.
  • If there is no electricity to the building, please do not enter.
  • If there is water in any areas of your building, do not enter for any reason until we tell you it is safe to do so.  Water and electricity do not play well together.
  • If you have elevators and they are not operational and the building’s fire & security systems are not working, do not reside in the building.
  • If there is any evidence of electrical short problems or the smell of natural gas, call 911 immediately.
  • Even if the city allows owners to return to their neighborhoods, buildings may not be a safe place.  You will be advised by your community manager once your building is cleared for occupancy.

Please note: depending on your property, an insurance claim may already have been open for your property and adjusters may have already been contacted. Please contact your community manager for specific insurance information.
What do residents/owners need to do?
If your unit has water damage or your vehicle is in a parked with water, please contact your community manager.
Contact your personal insurer to review coverage of personal items.  Once you have been given clearance to gain entry to your home please assess the damage to personal items, make lists of damaged items and take pictures. The majority of personal contents insurance policies do not cover flood damage, but having an inventory of items lost as a result of the flood may be advantageous if government assistance is offered. Residents and owners are also responsible to remove all personal items including furniture, if your suite requires total restoration.
Once you gain access and your building has not had power - please dispose of all items in your fridge and freezer immediately – rotting food will permanently damage appliances. Perishables such as meat and fish etc. must not be eaten. 
To help facilitate communication, if we don’t have your email address, please e-mail your Community Manager or Contact Us.