Community Collection Services: Protect Your Association’s Financial Health

Managing delinquent homeowner accounts is a critical responsibility that can affect your association’s financial stability.  We offer our clients the services of Community Collection Services, Inc. (CCS) to proactively manage the collection of delinquent homeowner fees and assessments.  

CCS is skilled in the best practices and procedures for collecting delinquent homeowner accounts. The company works to recover all funds due to the association in the most professional, respectful and cost-effective manner possible.

Prior to beginning collection efforts, the CCS financial team works with our management staff and accounts receivable department to confirm billing information in order to save time and costs.  If collection efforts are necessary, CCS attempts to communicate with homeowners by preparing and delivering required services, from late notices to liens.  

CCS provides electronic progress reports, as well as real-time online reports to keep your community manager and board members updated.  In addition, CCS representatives can attend executive board sessions to discuss specific accounts in collections, as well as open forum sessions of board meetings to explain and discuss the collection process.

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