Energy Management Investment

Conserve. Save. Thrive.


FirstService Residential cares about about how your building performs to ensure comfort, safety and affordability for the residents.  Over time this saves money, supports your community’s effort to reduce their carbon footprint and improves the engagement of the community.  Working with our communities over the past 7 years, we have saved over $3.5 million in annual energy costs.   Suneel Gupta, our Director of Energy and Sustainability, focuses on making energy “easy” for our communities. 

As a Professional Engineer, Suneel Gupta has spent the last 25 years developing and delivering energy and sustainability programs for a several notable organizations including Minto Communities, City of Brampton, Oxford Properties. Suneel has earned several awards, including the 2018 IESO Multi-Site Energy Manager of the Year and 2018 Energy into Action Energy Innovation Award – Best Multi-Residential category.

Now is the time to invest in energy management.

Not only are the number condominium communities increasing, the overall energy and water use per unit is also a staggering statistic.  As electricity, gas and water costs represent over 30% of annual budgets (and influences another 10-20%), this is a great place for corporations and property management to invest their time and resources. At FirstService Residential, we see energy management differently.  Our sustainability 1.0 to 5.0 approach provides a systematic collaborative and accountable ways for corporations to make energy management their greatest investments. 

FirstService Residential collaborates with our communities to deliver superior energy management services in a structured manner.  Our sustainability 1.0 to 5.0 is ensures a continuous improvement approach that is systematic, accountable and unified.  Our approach allows corporations make the most out of their sustainability efforts through:

  • Site Energy Reviews and Insight – We engage site team and contractors to understand the where your property is using energy inefficiently and develop strategies that will improve affordability, reliability and community reputation.
  • Energy Bill Optimization – While saving energy is the best hedge against utility rate increases, we review opportunities to optimize existing rate structures and contracts. 
  • Project Management – Marrying the best ideas with the best approach to getting things done leads to better projects.  We will find ways to make energy easy by working with only the best vendors and recommending quality equipment that will last.  
  • Education and compliance – We conduct seminars and other educational programs to teach both building staff and residents how to lower energy use in common areas.
  • Incentive programs – We find ways to maximize incentives to make good ideas even better. 


Reducing Energy Usage Helps Our Communities – and the Environment

What actions can your board can take to get started? Discover five essential energy improvements that Suneel recommends. 

We have helped our communities save million of dollars in energy costs annually.  Learn more about how FirstService Residential can deliver the same results for your community.  

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