Saltwater pools have a piece of equipment called a salt-chlorine generator. This generator uses salt to produce chlorine. The difference is whether you purchase the chlorine (traditional method) and add it to your pool, or whether you make your own chlorine through salt-chlorine generator. This on demand chlorine generation is one of the keys to swimmer comfort because you will never have too much chlorine in the pool, and is what makes swimming in a saltwater swimming pool a more enjoyable swimming experience.

If you want to know the reason why saltwater pools are gaining popularity around the world, especially in high end properties, the answer is simple - the advantages of a saltwater pool are countless.
The Verdale Condominiums are some of Downtown Markham's finest GREEN buildings to date. The Verdale is located close to Highway 404, 407 ETR, GO Train Station and VIVA Transit are very high in demand. The Verdale embraces an array of elegant features and exquisite finishes - from rich pastels to fiery earth-tones. All luxury suites are spacious and lavishly furnished, producing a warm and “homey” feel throughout the suite.

The Club Verdale is known for its variety of top-of-the-line amenities and entertainment. Here you will find not only a modern fitness centre, but also a weight training facility and aquatics centre that is equipped with a Jacuzzi for a comforting water-massage and a saltwater pool. The indoor pool is also perfect for both the avid or leisurely swimmer, with large windows that will take your breath away.


There are four distinct reasons why salt chlorine technology is the future, and why that future is now!

  1. No more red burning eyes, swim with comfort in a saltwater pool

    Saltwater pools have a salt level that is lower than a human tear, which is why it is comfortable on the eyes. Swimmers who swim in a salt water chlorinated pool often say that their eyes don’t burn, which increases their enjoyment.

    Ada Chan, owner says “my husband and I often swim in the pool, and really enjoy the fact that they don’t have the typical chlorine smell that they have grown accustomed too in other swimming pools”

    The low salt concentration, lower than a human tear, puts an end to eye and skin disorders caused by traditional systems. Opening your eyes under water will be a much more pleasant sensation.
  2. A saltwater pool is the safer way to maintain your swimming pool

    Pools that use traditional chlorine may have storage and chemical handling problems, and corrosion of metal surfaces in and around the pump room. Most importantly, chlorine gas is released from chlorinators every time they are opened.

    Howie Kirshenbaum, CEO of Superior Pool, Spa & Leisure says, “We've found over the 40 years we've been in business that saltwater pools are misunderstood. We are happy to provide an education to any building that is interested to learn more."

    Saltwater is a natural antiseptic, which inhibits bacteria and algae formation. If your eyes get sore, your hair feels like straw, you feel sick after swallowing water, or your bathing suit gets bleached out, you probably have too much chlorine and other aggressive chemicals.

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  3. Saltwater pools are environmentally friendly as well

    Most traditional chlorine is manufactured oversees and imported, so the environmental impact from a production and transportation perspective is large. Saltwater pools don't have any of these problems because the chlorine is created on site through a salt-chlorine generator which eliminates these environmental issues that need to be considered.

    “I enjoy swimming in our salt water pool knowing that there is just enough chlorine,” says owner Stella Chow.
  4. Saltwater pools are not perfect, even though the advantages are tremendous

    An investment is required in a salt-chlorine generator plus applicable installation costs. The salt-chlorine generator cells must be maintained on a regular basis. Most importantly, salt levels must be monitored because salt is corrosive. If salt levels get too high, it can damage metal equipment.

    Saltwater pools are gaining popularity around the world, especially in high end properties because residents and guests want luxury, and a saltwater pool helps create that.“You should investigate whether your board of directors has considered this small investment in your community,” says Roger Thompson, Executive Vice President of FirstService Residential.

    Remember, saltwater pools are the future and have chlorine, it's just a matter of how it got there and how much chlorine is in the pool.

Friday June 07, 2019