Our Caring Goes Far Beyond the Boundaries of Your Community

While we serve our own clients with concern and care, we also have a corporate responsibility to lend a helping hand to our neighbors and communities in need. As part of our commitment, we support a number of non-profit organizations, both in Ontario and throughout North America.

Some examples include:  

In addition to our local efforts, our parent company, FirstService Residential, created a $10 million emergency fund for damages incurred in our managed communities from hurricanes, earthquakes, major snowstorms, flooding, wind or other catastrophic events.  

This emergency funding was recently utilized in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which caused significant damage to thousands of properties along the east coast of the U.S. Over 200 communities managed by FirstService Residential New York and FirstService Residential New Jersey were affected, and this funding enabled immediate repairs, even before insurance claims were finalized. As a result, hundreds of residents and family members were able to start resuming their daily lives.