Educational Seminars

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SB 1740: Water Conservation and Sustainability 

Presented By: Jim Kauth, CLWM, CLIA, Aqua Trac Corporation 

Learn about the impact SB 1740 will have on your community and how can it help pay for some of your HOA’s water conservation improvements. Hear from Jim Kauth, managing director of Aqua Trac Corporation, on how the current drought is affecting Arizona HOA’s and what efficiencies your community can implement to provide a sustainable future.

A Board Member’s Guide to Governing the Ungovernable

Presented By: Javier Delgado, Esq., Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado & Bolen, LLP

Dealing with the difficult?  Is that a best practice?  Is that even legal?  Do your owners seek virtual vengeance?  You are NOT alone!  Hear the solutions to these problems and more from panelists Scott Carpenter, Esq., Josh Bolen, Esq. and Mark Sahl Esq.  Moderated by Javier Delgado, Esq.