How to Select an HOA Management Company:

Following are some important points to cover when interviewing potential HOA management companies for your Association:

General Information

  • How long in business
  • Oldest accounts
  • Largest accounts
  • Clients similar to your association in size and type
  • Have you inspected properties they manage
  • Have you talked to other Board Members they represent
  • Does the company specialize in homeowner’s associations

Cost Containment

  • How committed is the company to saving dollars for the association
  • Where have they realized their biggest savings
  • Ask for examples of steps taken by the company in which their associations have realized cost reductions and the dollars saved as a result

Financial Information and Risk Concerns

  • Track record in collecting delinquencies
  • Method used for late payment notices
  • Is financial reporting provided monthly
  • How often are bills paid
  • What accounting system do they use
  • Is there a lockbox system which deposits homeowner assessments daily
  • Are in-house delinquent collection services provided
  • Are the company and its principals bonded
  • Does they carry fidelity insurance


  • Does the company provide assessment notices, statements, or invoices
  • Are assessments deposited directly into your association’s account when received by the management company
  • Are association accounts kept separate

Operational Considerations

  • Where is the management office located
  • Have your Board Members visited the company’s offices
  • Is the company growing or declining in stature
  • What is the reputation of the company in the market place
  • How many employees
  • How many managers, administrative assistants and accountants
  • Who is responsible when your Community Manager is out of the office or out of town
  • What is your policy for returning calls and emails
  • Do you track calls coming in and provide a call log with the management report
  • How are weekend and after-hours calls handled
  • What kind of emergency or disaster preparedness plan does the management company have for its properties
  • Does the Manager’s supervisor also manage communities
  • How many associations is a Community Manager responsible for
  • What type of training is provided to Community Managers
  • How many times will the property be visited/inspected each week
  • Frequency of property inspection for CC&R’s and Rules Violations
  • How well versed is the firm on legislation affecting associations, and is it pro-active in representing your association’s interests in such matters
  • How do they keep Board members informed of legislative changes

Professional Credentials

  • Is the company a member of CAI (Community Associations Institute)
    • How many managers are PCAMs, AMSs and CMCAs (Professional Community Association Managers, Association Management Specialists, and Certified Manager of Community Associations)
  • Is the company a member of AACM (Arizona Association of Community Managers)
    • How many managers are CAAMs (Certified Arizona Association Manager)
    • Does the company encourage and promote continuing education for their managers

Community Unity

  • What is their philosophy of community unity
  • How do they assist the Board in fostering a spirit of community
  • How do they give back to the greater community � outside of the communities they manage

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