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At FirstService Residential Texas, we know that many people consider their home to be their biggest investment and they want to make the most of it.  So we work very hard to provide the custom tailored single family property management services and dedicated customer service that will add to its value to as part of our Texas HOA management. It starts with proactivity, coming up with new solutions and simplifying life for our Board members and residents.
Today, as Texas’ HOA management leader, we are proud of our successful track record for delivering on our service promise to every single family home and community under our care – just as we’ve done for the past two decades.
As your community’s partner, we support your association and your association homeowners with proven single family property management services designed to enhance both property values and your residents’ quality of life. As part of the FirstService Residential family, we will make the most of our combined buying power to help your Texas single family homeowners association reduce its costs for services you need, like landscaping, maintenance, cable and insurance. 
Additionally, we support your individual Board members, providing them with industry-leading Board training and all the resources they need to be the best in their roles. That includes best practices for running Board meetings, communicating with residents, establishing – and enforcing – policies throughout the community, handling violations without affecting goodwill, budgeting for growth and resiliency, and more. Their success as your Board is our success too!
We want to help your homeowners association achieve your vision for a financially stable and desirable community by delivering the best in Texas single family property management.  Whether your community is primarily single family homes, townhomes, low-rise buildings or mid-rise condos, we will lend our support whenever and wherever needed.  We’re in the business of making people feel at home.
Our single family property management services include:
Strategic planning

We work with your Board to determine where the association wants to be in 5, 10, 20 years. What kind of reserves are needed to replace critical systems when the time comes? Are capital improvement projects part of the larger picture? What about technology? New programming? All of these factor into creating a strategic plan that keeps your single family community on track for growth and increased property values for everyone.

Financial management

Budgeting can’t be short term. Our teams help your Board plan for the year – and the next 10 years – by continually evaluating your vendor agreements, reserve needs, maintenance fees, additional fees, potential sources of extra revenue and more. We don’t just follow your budget – we help you build a plan for long-term fiscal health.

Physical asset analysis and preventive maintenance programs

We’ve all heard that “a stitch in time saves nine.”  Investing in preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance now will save your association down the road. Our experts can help you build a reserve study and predictive maintenance plan that gets the greatest longevity out of critical systems like entry gates and pool filtration systems while planning for their replacements down the line.  Regular inspections will spot problems as soon as they start so that fixing them requires less time and money, minimizing service disruptions to your residents.

Leadership planning

Do you have a succession plan? Continuity of leadership is critical to your strategic planning. We can help you look for ways to spot potential future leaders for your community, including through establishing committees that will help lift weight from the Board while increasing community engagement.

Industry-leading training and professional development

We make sure your management team is always on top of the latest tech and information they need to do their jobs. We support our team members in getting additional certifications and licenses that keep them at peak performance so they can do their best for your Board and your residents.

Workflow management processes and systems

At FirstService Residential Texas, we constantly improve and upgrade our proprietary systems to better serve you. We also make sure that our team members are aware of important regulatory issues or local ordinances that may affect how they do their jobs and best serve you. Efficiency is in everyone’s best interest and we constantly evaluate performance at our communities to make sure processes and workflows are being managed correctly, saving you time and dollars.

Proprietary technology innovations

FirstService Residential ConnectTM provides the tools to create a personalized website portal for your residents to get information, pay fees, submit maintenance requests and download important association documents. Your management team and Board can post community news, meeting minutes and other important information for residents to see. The ConnectMobile app for iPhone lets your management team manage work orders and create violations while on routine community inspection tours – no need to take notes and do it when they get back to the office.  As Board members, you can track and review those inspections instantly.
We also offer Resident Alert, a mass communication tool that lets you reach residents in emergency situations like bad weather or a water main break. You can easily keep your residents informed about the things they need to know the most.

Board member training

As standard practice, we train Board members on serving their associations. That includes how to run meetings effectively, how to manage resident concerns, what their bylaws require of them, any applicable state regulations, budgeting requirements, policy enforcement and more.

Transitioning programs

We know change isn’t always easy! We work with your existing management team to make transitions as smooth as possible for everyone in your community. We start with open dialog among Board members, residents, staff, vendors and your new management team. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page and understands roles and responsibilities throughout the transition process. We establish a clear plan of action, with specific goals and timelines. Of course, flexibility can be important, but we want make sure there’s a clear roadmap and destination in sight for everyone. Regular communication with residents helps reduce concerns and frustrations, so more frequent meetings or written updates may be part of the process as well. All in all, we want to make sure that everyone is as comfortable and happy with the process as possible.
Get your single family, townhome, mid-rise building or low-rise condo association on the path to greater success!  Learn more about how FirstService Residential Texas’ single family property management services can meet your needs.  Together, we make life, simplified.

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