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We all know there are common elements that make neighborhoods or buildings run by owner's associations desirable. However, most of them boil down to the same key component: homeowners are looking for a place that "fits." Creating a feeling of true community keeps current residents satisfied and can draw new residents to your property. 

How does a community like yours generate or maintain that special aura? Simply put, engaged homeowners! One of the best ways to open up a well of consistent, dedicated volunteers is to provide opportunities that show a direct impact on the community. Establishing committees is an easy way to secure homeowner involvement while still offering enough variety that allows volunteers to find their niche.

What is a committee?

Committees are a group of volunteers that help the board address community issues. Depending on the needs of your community, residents can join committees that specialize in finance, event planning, maintenance and many others.

Why are committees important?

Because residents are important! Just because there's a board in place doesn't mean residents shouldn't have a say about their association's future. Perhaps someone has a knack for writing or a background in security. Either way, there's a committee for them.


Considering the needs of your community, here's a sample list to share with your residents:

Social Committee

As a member of the Social Committee, it's your responsibility to plan events that bring everyone together. Holiday-themed events and garage sales are the norm, but consider social purpose initiatives by rallying homeowners to give to local charities.


Communication Committee

While the Social Committee keeps the community together, the Communication Committee keeps everyone informed. As a member, you're on the hunt for the latest news or a resident with a great story. From the copy to the layout, it's up to you to make each story unique to the community you serve.


Social Media Committee

Creating a social platform for your community gives residents a safe space to have a civil discussion, vote on issues, meet their neighbors and share experiences. As a member of the Social Media Committee, it's your job to build a strategy that fosters such interactions. You'll create engaging content that gets people thinking and keeps residents updated.


Maintenance Committee

Joining this committee means you value the upkeep and overall feel of your community. Your role is to help the board assess things that require upkeep, including pool equipment, gate access points and other amenities. Members can also recommend a primary contractor for the entire association.


Finance Committee

Associations can never be too careful when it comes to being financially sound. As a financial advisor to the board, you'll handle everything from budget reviews and monthly financials to investment options and reserve study recommendations. 


Neighborhood Watch Committee

As any homeowner would agree, keeping residents safe is a top priority. The Neighborhood Watch Committee is tasked with maintaining safety standards, looking out for suspicious activity and engaging local law enforcement. 


Thinking of starting or joining a committee? Begin the conversation at your next board meeting! Make sure to get your community manager involved so that your committee formation is legally sound and both your association and volunteers are protected.

Friday December 20, 2019