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From community managers and board members to property management companies, each group plays a unique part in helping an association thrive. Residents play a critical role, too. Here's how understanding homeowners' rights and responsibilities can bring out the best in your community.

Residents have the right to:

  • A quality association.Homeowners want to feel proud of the community they invest in.
  • Fairness and honesty.Transparency from community leaders and their property management company are essential to association harmony.
  • Financial stewardship. Association fees and assessments should be based on a realistic budget and spent wisely.
  • High living standards.Each community should be supported according to its guidelines. If an association is managed by a property management company, residents can expect their property values and quality of life to increase.
  • Access to documents.Homeowners must have complete access to an association's policies before purchasing a home or moving in. Other records should be readily available via written request or online.
  • Open participation.This includes getting involved in meetings, committees and community elections.
  • Reasonable processes.If caught in delinquency or fees from recurring violations, each homeowner should be notified about payment plans and other options before collections proceedings begin.
  • Appeals.A process should be in place that provides for the hearing and appeal of decisions made by community leaders that affect non-routine, financial responsibilities or property rights.

Residents have a responsibility to:

  • Be knowledgeable and compliant. Every resident should read and follow their association's governing documents.
  • Preserve their property.Proper home maintenance doesn't only increase personal property values, it sets a good standard for the entire association, too. 
  • Be honest and respectful.It doesn't cost anything to build healthy relationships with association leaders and neighbors. Plus, it generates a sense of community and an overall positive attitude.
  • Engage with their community.From voting in community elections to joining a committee, there's a lot of ways residents can get involved.
  • Make timely payments.Paying association dues on time enables a healthy cash flow for the community.
  • Communicate.If a resident has difficulty paying assessments or meeting other obligations, it's best to contact their association leaders or community manager to explore their options.
  • Provide updated contact information.Providing an updated phone number, email and emergency contact number ensures association leaders can reach the right person during a critical time. 

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Monday December 16, 2019