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Think of your community manager as a storefront: the windows are clean, walkways are garbage-free and the lawn is pristine and orderly. These qualities tell shoppers that the store's owner values customer experience and making a lasting impression. That's exactly the impression a great community manager makes! 
Whether it's a long-time resident or a brand new board member, your community manager ensures that each interaction is treasured— and that's just on the surface!


Prioritizing timely responses can't be done without the support of an engaged property management company. For example, a management company might provide a Customer Care Center staffed by internal employees. Now, homeowners have a resource at their disposal and the community manager can spend their time creating a unique resident experience.


Superior Support

Before anything else, a great community manager should have the support of their management company. This support starts at the hiring process and continues throughout their tenure with your association. An involved management company should also support your property manager with a team of dedicated specialists suited for tasks related to IT, financial and administrative.


Education & Certification

The best community management company offers ongoing feedback-based, professional development for property managers to effectively do their job.



Working with multiple residents, board members and a property management company require exceptional organization skills. That means keeping phone numbers updated, vendor contracts in order and calendars marked with important dates.



A community manager will, no doubt, deal with different personalities, backgrounds and opinions. That's where in-house recruiters come in. With experience ranging from hospitality to service roles, recruiters are key when it comes to finding a positive, energetic candidate who's equipped to handle any situation. On top of that, a supportive property management company should establish regular one-on-one meetings with community managers for valuable insight and provide the tools needed to serve an association.



Part of being a property manager is having a clear understanding of the fine print. Staying informed about an association's policies, federal and local laws, and building codes are important when it comes to protecting residents from legal and safety issues.



Your community manager must be a strong leader who can seamlessly guide your community. Property management companies play a large part by offering opportunities for development. By streamlining operations and collaborating with experts, your community manager will thrive in a role made just for them!


While most property managers are equipped to handle your association’s basic needs, not all management companies provide the depth of support to help them perform their roles with excellence. Use the form to download our interactive Evaluation Checklist to see if your property management partner provides all the key services your community deserves!  

Tuesday November 05, 2019