Full-Service Condominium Association Property Management Services

At FirstService Residential Maryland, the high rise property leader, we work very hard to enhance the desirability and continued success of the buildings we manage throughout the state.  We achieve this by maintaining each building’s amenities and common areas to increase building safety, enhance curb appeal and optimize property values for homeowners and residents.  

The Right Property Management Team for Your Condo Association

To pair the best possible management team to meet your association’s needs, we work closely with your Board to handpick the ideal manager, determine personnel requirements and assign the most suitable team to provide operational support back at our offices.  Our team works to analyze your needs, set goals and create customized action plans to achieve them. We work very hard to address your residents’ concerns, collaborating closely with your Board, and delivering a level of personalized service beyond what is expected.

Our proven standard operating procedures, successfully utilized at hundreds of condominiums, low-rises and mid-rises managed by FirstService Residential throughout North America – allow us to reduce operating expenses while increasing the high level of service we provide.  In addition, our quality maintenance programs help contain operational costs and prolong the life of your property’s assets.

Our Combined Buying Power Means Savings for Your Community

By leveraging the combined buying power and economies of scale of our parent company FirstService Residential, we can negotiate the best rates for your association’s necessary services, such as waste removal, insurance and cable.  For added assurance, we only work with qualified vendors who meet our criteria for value, service and quality.

Some of our full-service condominium association management services include: 

  • Preventative maintenance and system maintenance programs

  • In-depth knowledge of complex state and local condominium law

  • Emergency procedures

  • Inventory control and purchase order programs

  • Visitor and vendor management systems

  • Complete financial services

  • Job descriptions for all building staff

  • Proprietary FirstService Residential Connect™ property management software solutions

  • Continuous staff training and development 

  • Compliance enforcement of city, county and state building codes

  • Contractor and vendor oversight 

We also offer a wide range of value-added services, including quality insurance and financial products,  cutting-edge technology solutions and a 24/7 Customer Care Center to provide quick answers to residents’ questions.  

Learn more about out how FirstService Residential Maryland’s full service condominium association property management services can meet your community’s needs.

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