Unfortunately, crises can occur anywhere. That’s why it is so important for Associations to have an emergency response plan in place. Gun violence in Chicago has been all too prevalent in the news. Communities cannot assume that gun violence couldn’t happen in their building, regardless of how safe and harmonious it might feel. Being prepared is the first step.

Have an emergency plan in place.
Fortunately, mass shootings and active shooter situations are rare in residential buildings. That said, it is undeniably worthwhile to take proactive steps to be prepared, including knowing how to respond during an active shooter or crisis situation.

Resolve conflicts before they escalate.
Being able to resolve conflicts and control incidents by finding common ground is also crucial. If a conflict is spiraling out of control, seek assistance from a mediator or conflict resolution specialist before things escalate too far.

FirstService Residential’s Asa Sherwood was recently interviewed by The Cooperator Chicagoland and featured in an article about crisis management and how to handle disruptive or violent incidents.

Read more at: http://chicagocooperator.com/article/crisis-management/
Article by The Chicagoland Cooperator | Monday January 01, 0001