FS Energy – Reducing Energy Usage, Costs and Environmental Impact

FS Energy, a division of FirstService Residential, is a comprehensive solution for your energy management needs. As a trusted advisor, FS Energy guides communities in making decisions on how to monitor, control and manage energy by designing and implementing conservation measures to help you reduce your operating costs.  FS Energy provides solutions that can help:

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Achieve optimal energy efficiency

  • Develop strategies to minimize your carbon footprint

  • Identify cost-saving opportunities

  • Increase property values

Energy Opportunity Assessment & Energy Benchmarking

The more you know about your building’s energy consumption, the better equipped you will be to make decisions about improvements. FS Energy analyzes your building’s energy usage in common areas to determine its Building Energy Rating Guide (BERG) score. We then use that data with our proprietary benchmarking database to compare it to similar residential properties. We evaluate your building’s efficiency and recommend a package of cost-effective solutions tailored to your property.

Services & Solutions

FS Energy provides a full range of specialized services to bring the best solution to meet the energy management needs of every property.

  • Energy Opportunity Assessments – We perform full audits and onsite inspections of your community’s energy systems and equipment to help you make the changes needed to improve overall efficiency.
  • Utility invoice audits – We review your utility invoices to identify overpayments and help you with adjustments or refunds from the utility company.
  • Classes and Training – We strive to keep communities and residents informed of key principles and best practices to reduce usage and energy costs through educational programs.

FS Energy has saved communities tens of millions of dollars while reducing their energy usage, cost and environmental impact.

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