To enhance our property management effectiveness by leading our clients to reduce energy and water consumption, costs, and emissions. 

Making a difference for the communities we manage, our associates, and the world. 

Value Add 

FirstService Energy offers customized and cost-effective solutions to boost efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and lessen environmental impact. We guide boards toward energy-smart solutions for today and tomorrow. 



  • Data analytics and reporting 
  • Regulatory compliance support 


  • Commodity energy purchasing 


  • Personalized energy advisory 
  • Incentive and rebate capitalization 
  • Education and training 

Key differentiators 

FirstService Energy is in the unique position of holding expertise in both property and energy management. We understand the complexities that managing a community entails and work in tandem with the management team to improve energy efficiency for the future of your community. 

Diverse supplier portfolio 

Our procurement program offers a diverse supplier portfolio, giving our board members the opportunity to receive bids from all available suppliers. This allows clients to weigh their options and make an educated decision.

Transparent and efficient reporting 

Our clients have access to detailed energy reporting, a value-add that provides invaluable insight into their community’s energy use. That enables FirstService Energy to craft a smart energy plan with efficiency measures that lower energy costs and improve energy performance. 

Marketing adaptability 

In an ever-changing market, adaptability is key. Our team monitors the energy markets, local regulations, new technologies, and other sources to offer best-in-class solutions. 

Client advocate 

At FirstService Energy, our board members come first. Our experts make recommendations designed to set our clients up for success, both with their savings and carbon footprint. 

Subject matter expert 

Our team of dedicated experts have years of industry experience and are passionate about reducing our clients’ energy and water consumption. With access to our advanced software systems, data reporting, and more, our experts help board members make informed decisions.  

Depth of resources 

Our depth of resources includes FirstService Residential, FirstService Financial, and FirstService Project Management. The support of those partnerships help us to make well-rounded, informed decisions without overlooking details.

Custom, long-term planning 

Our planning is based on the various sources of data our experts analyze so that we can create custom solutions tailored to our clients. We think long-term, ensuring energy savings measures are sustainable, both financially and environmentally. 

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