Energy efficiency incentives and rebate capitalization

When you’re busy overseeing the daily responsibilities of a community it can be challenging to keep track of energy incentives and rebates. That’s where you can count on the support of experts to help you realize energy savings, without adding to your workload. 

With FirstService Energy, our experts are here to guide your building toward energy and cost savings. We assist in capitalizing on existing opportunities, stacking incentives, and future planning. This enables your building to take advantage of available cost reductions, and you can get back to focusing on your priorities as a board member.  

Energy incentives  

Utility and state agencies often provide rate payers cash via rebate checks or offsetting the cost of energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects. These incentives vary geographically. Our advisors will help your community with determining what is available.

Types of incentives 

  • Rebates: a discount is provided after a transaction is complete.
  • Tax credits:   a dollar-for-dollar reduction on your owed taxes. 

Curbing emissions doesn’t have to cause a strain on your budget; in fact, improving your building’s energy efficiency can lead to ample savings, with many incentives and rebates offered for system upgrades.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your community’s energy plans.  

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