Regulatory energy compliance support

With changing legislation on energy efficiency and environmental conservation, many communities are now required to meet additional energy benchmarks in their areas. For many board members, it’s in your best interest to get ahead of regulatory requirements, making sure you have the funds and capacity to meet deadlines.  

At FirstService Energy, our experts verify data and make sure your building is in compliance with your city, state, or province energy regulations, so you can focus on your community’s priorities. 

We can support your building with energy regulations, compliance, and benchmarking…

Energy benchmarking 

Complying with local regulations and policies to benchmark energy and water use is critical to improving a property’s energy efficiency. It also allows our teams to verify property data for regulatory compliance while providing board members with a recommendation with opportunities to reduce energy usage and increase savings. 

National Coalition for Buildings 

The National BPS Coalition launched by President Biden consists of state and local governments nationwide, committed to designing and implementing building performance policies and programs within in their jurisdictions. The program is voluntary, and participants are supported with resources from The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. FirstService Energy is closely monitoring the program and its development. The goal for adoption of new legislation and/or regulations as a result of this joint effort is by Earth Day, 2024. Programs will target improving health, energy, housing affordability, and climate needs in buildings, ultimately reducing both your emissions and costs. Collaboration between key stakeholders allows for this variety of building needs to be met. 

To reduce overall emissions contributing to climate change, building efficiency needs to improve and emissions must be curbed, as buildings are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the country — equaling 35% of total energy emissions. This percentage includes roughly equal contributions from commercial and residential. To accomplish this, building performance standards are set by state and local laws to improve building energy efficiency, with the end goal of decarbonization through retrofitting existing buildings and new construction codes. 

Do you know if your state, county, or city joined the effort? Check if your mayor, county executive, or governor is one of the 33 participants here. 

FirstService Energy works with owners and residents to improve efficiency and minimize costs.

Contact us today to begin your decarbonization journey. 

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