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Accelerating sustainable solutions for every community. 

Managing your community's energy usage can be a challenge. As a board member evaluating fluctuating utility costs, emerging technologies, and the property's carbon footprint, it's understandable to become overwhelmed by the many sustainable energy solutions available. 

But you don't have to face it alone. 

By partnering with FirstService Residential you receive exclusive access to FirstService Energy, our affiliate company and trusted energy advisor. FirstService Energy offers customized and cost-effective solutions to boost efficiency and reduce energy consumption and costs, ultimately reducing communities’ carbon footprint and lessening their environmental impact. FirstService Energy guides boards toward sustainable energy solutions for today and tomorrow for a life, simplified. 

What makes us different? 

FirstService Energy is in the unique position of holding expertise in both property, through its affiliation with FirstService Residential, and energy management. We understand the complexities that managing a community entails and we work in tandem with the management team to improve energy efficiency and plan for the future of your community. 

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Our energy management advisors can help your building implement sustainable energy solutions, decreasing emissions and costs.
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