Free Community Analysis to Communities of All Property Sizes and Types

How Does Your Community Association Compare?  Today’s economic times can pose significant challenges for Board members.  One key challenge shared by many homeowner associations is the need to effectively maintain property values and community aesthetics while imposing fair assessment rates to homeowners.

How is your community handling this delicate balancing act?  It can be very valuable to know how your homeowners association benchmarks against similar communities in your market in these and other key areas. That’s why FirstService Residential California offers a free Community Analysis to communities of all sizes and types, based on real statistics and metrics from more than 350 of our managed community associations throughout the state.

This detailed benchmarking analysis will show you how your community compares to others in the following areas:

  • Are your cash levels adequate, too high or too low?

  • Do you have unfunded reserves?  If so, at what level?

  • Is your homeowners association overspending in key areas?  What do other communities spend?

  • Is your collection strategy effective?  What are best practices and trends in this area? 

This Community Analysis can help your community association save money and operate more effectively, with the goal of strengthening both its short- and long-term financial position.  For your complimentary copy or call 949-448-6003.

Learn more about how FirstService Residential California’s unique additional property management services can benefit your community.

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