Full-Service High-Rise Association Management Tailored for The Dorchester

Read below to see success stories, content articles and additional industry resources tailored for your association.

For 40 years, FirstService Residential has served many of California’s premier high-rise associations with a blend of specialized knowledge and industry expertise. We believe an effective high-rise management company approaches each client with one goal in mind: to deliver unique solutions that improve property values and enhance the resident experience.

We appreciate learning more about the great opportunities you have at The Dorchester. We have compiled some helpful resources to address your needs and continued success.

Success Stories:

A 5-Star High-Rise Uses Capital Improvements and Cost-Effective LED Project to Elevate Resident Experience

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“Together, our general manager and FirstService Residential provide excellent service to the entire high-rise on a continual basis.”

Brian Lawler, Board Member, Discovery at Cortez Hill

 This association and the board have dealt with many unexpected issues that no one could’ve counted on. But with the support of FirstService Residential, FirstService Financial and the tenacity of the board, their financial state continues to improve in leaps and bounds.

Sarah McCalla, General Manager, The Montage

We hope you have found these resources helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. I look forward to speaking with you soon and building our relationship further. Your home is our pride.

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