Here’s a bonus: after you’ve moved into a high-rise, master planned or condominium community with an association, you’ve become a part of a unique group of people with a shared purpose: keeping property values high, enjoying a good quality of life, and working to make your building or community a better place to live.
But that doesn’t happen on its own. It takes homeowner involvement to create a vibrant, healthy community. That’s what makes volunteering so important – serving on a committee or choosing to become a board member gives you a direct say when it comes to the future of your community.
Needless to say, it works. Communities with involved owners are typically run better and are more rewarding places to live. The opposite is also true – an apathetic group of owners does little to enhance anyone’s quality of life.
Nobody wants a community like that. So now that you know involvement is crucial to a healthy community, here are three ways to get you plugged in. And if you’re a board member, you can take a look at ways to attract owner involvement right here.
1. Don’t miss the Annual Meeting.
This is an easy one, and it’s a great place to start. You’ll get the chance to meet other owners, along with your current board of directors. And if your community has partnered with a company that provides HOA management services, you can get to know your community management company, too. This is also when you can cast your ballot for your board members of choice, which is an important part of making your voice heard. Not sure when your annual meeting is held? Check out your association documents. It should be right there in the by-laws. You should also be receiving notice of the meeting from your board well ahead of time. We can tell you more about annual meetings here.
2. Be part of a committee.
Committees are groups of volunteers who, put simply, get things done. Each member is appointed by the board, and the committee answers to the board, too. The best part? You can choose a committee that aligns with your personal passions and interests. In the process of doing your committee work, you’ll not only help your association make great strides forward, but you’ll also build important bonds with your fellow residents. Eyeing a spot on your board? Well, this is a great place to begin. Get started by seeing what it takes to be an effective committee member right here.
3. Join the board.
Here it is: the pinnacle of how to make an impact. As a board member, you’re part of the leadership team that defines the future of your owners association. As a duly elected member of the board, you’ll fulfill a host of duties, including creating the policies that make your community a great place to live. It’s a big job, and as such, it requires some big commitments in terms of dedication, responsibility and time. The stability and fiscal strength of your association will rest on your shoulders. But all it takes is a willingness to do right by your community. For more, check out the five key board officer roles.
Whether your community is in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County or the Inland Empire, now’s the time to make your voice heard. Be a part of something great. And define the future of your community. It all happens when you get involved. For more information about association management and enhancing residents’ quality of life, contact FirstService Residential or fill out the form below.
Wednesday June 01, 2016