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How to Future-Proof Your Association’s Finances

Whether your HOA is an amenity-driven active adult community or an emerging single-family home community, future financial stability is always a top-of-mind concern. And while it may seem like your everyday operating budget is the ultimate priority, a well-funded reserve is the key to helping your community thrive well into the future.

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2018 California Legislative Update: Is Your HOA Prepared?

Starting January 1, a number of new California laws will go into effect, which may have a major impact on your HOA. As a board member, it’s important to stay updated on the latest legislation by consulting with your association attorney and community management company.

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Preventing Cyber Attacks, Part 3: Your HOA’s 4-Step Digital Defense Plan

Without a doubt, digital technology has made our everyday tasks easier and more convenient than ever. Mobile phones and tablets allow you to pay monthly bills, upload family photos and store important documents in “the cloud” with just a few taps and swipes. Homeowners associations are taking advantage of this pervasive technology in droves, using property management software to expedite resident transactions, sign documents with electronic signatures, and perform tasks more efficiently.

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Preventing Cyber Attacks, Part 2: How The Board Can Protect HOA Data

Cyber security is not something that your homeowners association (HOA) can afford to take lightly. A constant flood of cyber attacks hits businesses, governments and individuals every day, and many of them have affected Californians.

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Preventing Cyber Attacks, Part 1: How Residents Can Protect Your HOA

Ignorance is not bliss, especially when it means potentially leaving your homeowners association (HOA) at risk of a cyber attack. And that’s exactly what you’re doing if you don’t recognize that your HOA is as much of a target as any other small business.

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Formalize These Four Policies in Your High-Rise Association Right Now

Living in a high-rise is unlike any other experience. The amenities, concierge-level services and proximity to cultural and entertainment options can be particularly appealing. Vertical communities can face challenges related to the close quarters of residents. Here are some policies to consider to create a more harmonious environment for all.

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Tips for Eco-Friendly High-Rise Living

Eco friendly high-rise initiatives are not only good for the environment, but can be green for your association budget. How does close to $50,000 in annual savings sound? Here are suggestions you can implement for little to no cost.

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Making Your HOA Community More Pet Friendly

Amenities play a large role in differentiating your community, enhancing its brand, and drawing in potential buyers. Pet amenities have risen in popularity and range from simple touches such as having dog-friendly treats like biscuits and bowls of water available in the main office, to providing on-site pet services such as grooming. Here are five suggestions for making your community more pet friendly.

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The Four Fundamentals of Effective Community Landscaping

Landscaping makes an immediate statement about the brand of your community. The right landscaping can set your community apart from others and enhance property values. Here our four landscaping considerations.

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Avoiding the Four Most Common Mistakes HOA Board Members Make

As a board member you invest your time, talent and passion to make decisions for the betterment of your community. While we all strive for perfection in our roles, mistakes are bound to happen. A good community association management company works closely with thousands of board members and has seen it all. Here are four common mistakes and suggestions on avoiding them.

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Seven Tips for Creating Your HOA Budget

Creating your HOA budget involves many considerations. It’s not simply a month-to-month accounting for expenses. Ideally, it’s a both a short-term and long-term blueprint for sustained financial health. Here are some tips to consider.

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Nine Tips for Managing Short-term Rentals in Your Community

The holiday travel season is right around the corner. Will the Airbnb®, VRBO® and HomeAway® short-term rental trend affect your HOA? Read our nine tips for managing short-term rentals and be prepared.

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What It Takes to Make a Great Community

Good community living looks easy. People are smiling. Residents are enjoying amenities. And the neighborhood or building looks amazing. But behind all this, there’s a lot of hard work. Who is responsible for creating the kind of place people love to call home? How does it all come together? Let’s take a look at the essential elements that need to come together to create a great community.

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Six Ways to Make Community Budgeting Easier

The budget serves as the focal point for all of the board’s initiatives. It is more than a series of numbers; it’s the framework for accomplishing your community’s objectives. The process of creating and managing the budget can feel complex and often leads to many questions. That’s where an experienced community management company with extensive resources can help. To get started, here are six budget basics your association can follow.

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Four Financial Questions to Ask Your Community Management Company

Financial stewardship ranks near the top of the list of responsibilities for HOA board members. This requires proper allocation of association funds to ensure they are protected and FDIC insured, while earning the best possible rates. Adequate insurance coverage also factors into the equation. It’s a challenging balancing act, but asking the right questions can help.

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How Will The California Minimum Wage Increase Impact Your HOA?

Is your HOA prepared for the possible impact of the new minimum wage increase legislation taking effect in 2017? Proper planning and budgeting can ensure your association is positioned for success. Here are some details on the new law, timing, and things to consider.

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Understanding the Importance of Community Management Certifications

Acronyms like CMCA, LSM, PCAM and others are used to designate certifications for community management professionals who have achieved a level of education or expertise. What do these certifications mean? How does this benefit your association?

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Reining in Pokémon Go in Your Community

Pokémon Go has taken off like few apps in recent memory. It offers plenty of benefits including opportunities to socialize and learn about local history. As is the case with most things, there can be challenges when dealing with such a sweeping phenomenon. Here are some considerations for your HOA.

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Creating a Fair Living Space for Residents with Disabilities

Are you familiar with the term “fair living space”? If you’re not, you should be – it can have a profound effect on your community, your association and your residents. Here are some things to consider.

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Plaster or Paint: Choosing the Best Way to Resurface Your Community Pool

Your pool is a source of fun for all of your community’s residents. Yet when it comes time to resurface it, it can quickly feel like your wading in deep water. Read our tips from experts on the pros and cons of plaster and paint.

Posted on Tuesday August 16, 2016 read more
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