Becoming an FSR Certified Vendor

FirstService Residential Virginia vendors are high quality suppliers who add value to our communities.

To become a FirstService Residential Certified Vendor click here to register now or read below for more information.

Already providing services to FSR-managed associations?

You know our vendor qualification process and we thank you for supplying the insurance, business and license information our clients need when making a vendor choice.   Because we share the same goal of serving clients with the highest degrees of integrity, it is critical that we protect them the unanticipated costs and risks of engaging licensed and insured vendors

Not yet providing services to FSR-managed clients?

We are extremely selective in reviewing the qualifications of all our third-party suppliers to the communities we manage. We seek business partners who share our commitment providing excellent, cost-effective service.  If you share our goal, we invite you to become an FSR Certified Vendor.

Our independent business credentialing company, Business Credentialing Services (BCS), manages the certification process.   This includes:

  • An online registration portal
  • Knowledgeable staff who will work with you and your insurance agent to help you meet requirements in a timely fashion
  • A secure database where you can upload marketing materials to a secure database. Our managers can view your materials when assisting our boards in selecting service providers.

Vendors meeting the requirements will become a FirstService Residential Certified Vendor. Two levels are available:

FSR Certified Gold

  • These vendors provide additional insured language on the Certificate of Insurance stating "FirstService Residential and any of its managed Associations."
  • This classification allows all State Specific and/or FSR Property Management Company Community Managers to present your company to their boards with assurance their associations are covered by your insurance.

FSR Certified Silver

  • These vendors meet the minimum requirements, and must add insured language on the Certificate of Insurance that names specific FSR managed association(s).
  • This designation allows FSR Community Managers to be confident in presenting your company to their boards, but you must provide appropriate additional insured endorsements specific to each community for which would like to provide services.

BCS charges each registering vendor an annual fee of ninety-five dollars ($95) to verify your relevant insurance coverage and licensing meet all requirements. The fee is paid directly to BCS.

To become a FirstService Residential Certified Vendor click here to register now.