Our Caring Goes Far Beyond the Boundaries of Your Community

At FirstService Residential Virginia, we are part of the communities we serve.  We live and work in the same neighborhoods you do, and when our neighbors are in need, we provide help, both as a company and individuals.  We dedicate our resources to assisting worthy causes and organizations throughout Virginia, as well as those that provide services nationally.  

But when emergencies occur, we act quickly to provide immediate support to our residents and communities.  For example, when Hurricane Sandy caused tremendous damage to communities on the east coast – including 200 managed by our sister companies FirstService Residential New York and FirstService Residential New Jersey – we immediately stepped up to help affected residents and their families.  

In just a few days, FirstService Residential established a $10 million emergency Hurricane Recovery Fund for immediate repairs before insurance claims were approved.  This immediate funding provided the support storm victims needed to begin returning to their everyday lives.