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For more than 25 years, FirstService Residential has served many of Texas’ premier complex master-planned communities with a blend of specialized knowledge and industry expertise. We believe an effective association management company approaches each client with one goal in mind: to deliver unique solutions that improve property values and enhance the resident experience.

We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the great opportunities you have at Valley Ranch Residential Association. We have compiled some resources that we feel may be particularly valuable to address your needs and continued success.


Valley Ranch deserves the talent, experience, processes and depth of resources necessary to ensure that you receive the highest-quality property management services available.   


Hand-picked helpful resources for your association:

COVID-19 Operational Guide: 
FirstService Residential 2020 COVID-19 Operational Guidelines 2.0

"We felt it was our duty as an industry leader to share all we know about protecting the wellbeing of these ciritcal associates and managing the pandemic in communities so that residents everywhere - not just the ones we manage - are as safe as they can be. "
- Chuck Fallon, FirstService Residential CEO

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Tony Devito, Board President | 817.771.6123
Villages of Woodland Springs
Fort Worth, TX 

I hope you have found these resources helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. I look forward to speaking with you soon and building our relationship further. Your community deserves excellence.

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Shannon Elder

Market Findings:

  • Architectural Control: 
    Valley Ranch needs uniformly enforced rules, regulations and covenants as well as architectural guidelines that are clear and
    concise. These guidelines should be communicated effectively and consistently to residents to uphold property values and  community aesthetics.

  • Safety, Security & Risk Mitigation: 
    Immediate concerns with COVID-19 precautions need to be addressed, followed by an audit of other areas of opportunity to mitigate risk in the community. Residents should feel secure and the association should be protected from legal liability.

  • Lifestyle Planning & Programming: 
    The residents of Valley Ranch reflect a wide diversity in culture, age and life stages. An ideal management partner must be experienced in building a strong sense of community with a variety of activities and offerings that can bridge these gaps. The lifestyle team must have the scope, resources and relationships to support the community vision of the association.