Download the Survey Results!

Download the Communication Survey Results

Did you miss our recent Board Education Event on effective communication?
Watch this recap video below to learn the top 3 ways to improve communication with your residents. 

Then, download our 2019 Communication Survey Report to find out what your fellow board members and owner's associations in Texas, and throughout North America, have to say about communication in their communities!

Top Takeaways:

1. Have a clear vision for your owner's association.

Writing down a clear vision statement and pairing it with a mission statement or core values will help guide the positioning of your association's messages. Communications that connect board actions, requests or responses to residents back to the values of the community are much more likely to get positive results. Be sure to explain why the request benefits the resident.

2. Contact Information is critical. 

Owner's associations should prioritize the need to collect contact information for every resident or household. The best communication strategy in the world means nothing if your board can't deliver it to your residents. One recommendation would be to conduct a survey on the best method (email, phone, text, direct mail) and times to contact your residents. Demographics may play a huge role in how your residents would like your board to communicate with them. Be creative in asking for information.
Pro tip: Consider hosting a community event that has a giveaway of some kind, but requires a person to fill out their contact info to receive it.   

3. Include everyone. 

Remember that renters are also a part of the community, and may become future homeowners. Efforts to include renting residents can often pay off in increased engagement and encourage renters to take as much pride in the community as owners.


Thursday April 11, 2019