How would you describe what a great community looks like? Would you paint a picture of happy homeowners, smiling faces, exceptional amenities and a well-kept property with excellent curb appeal?
Great community living may look easy to establish, but a lot of work goes into maintaining each aspect of that perfect community. So who is responsible for creating and maintaining a place that residents love to call home? And how does it all come together? Let’s take a look at three key elements that make a community great.

1. A board that understands its role
An association board is typically made up of resident volunteers who have been elected by their neighbors. Officers generally include the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.
Once elected, board members have a large task ahead of them. Not only do they meet regularly and represent the homeowners in their community, but they serve many other functions as well. Their duties include serving as the fiscal stewards of their homeowners or condominium association, ensuring that the association’s governing documents are being enforced and making sure that the property’s common areas are properly maintained. Many times, boards will invoke policies to help them carry out these duties and enlist the assistance of other volunteers to accomplish specific projects or objectives on behalf of the association.
2. The right association management team
Many boards look to an experienced association management company that is equipped with the tools to implement their vision for the community. A good company will partner with your board to understand your priorities and see them through.
The right association manager is just as important as the company you choose. When selecting an association manager, choose someone who will work well with the different personalities on the board and understands the individual culture of your community.
Association managers take on a host of responsibilities so that board members can focus on other, more high-level duties. These responsibilities include:
  • Interacting with the vendors who service and maintain the community
  • Addressing residents’ immediate needs and answering their questions
  • Regularly informing the board about projects that have been completed, are in progress and are upcoming
  • Keeping the board apprised of the status of collections

Great association managers usually share certain qualities: They are dedicated, committed and readily available to the board and to the residents; they are friendly yet professional in their communications and they are firm with vendors when needed. However, they also possess expertise to suit a community’s unique needs.
3. A true partnership
It is very important that boards share their vision with their management companies. Both groups should also aim to place value ahead of bargain pricing, which will lead to more effective solutions. In fact, a company that delivers value-added service can actually save you money with quality vendors through buying power and reputation.
And there you have it – the three essential elements that play an important role in creating, and maintaining, a great community. Each element is an important part of the puzzle, and when they all come together, great things begin to happen.
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Tuesday December 20, 2016